My iPod revolution has begun…

My new iPod
The iPod revolution has begun.

Above is my Christmas present to myself. It is the iPod Video 60 GB. I have loaded about 10 GB of music, videos, and photos on there so far. Now this was not an easy decision to get an iPod because I am big fan of the minidisc recorder/player. I even bought a Sony MZ-NH1 HI-MD recorder/player when I was in Japan earlier this year. Not to worry, I believe that both technologies can live harmoniously in the same household. I am enjoying the portability of the iPod. It is pretty amazing to carry that much data on such a small device. I have even managed to setup my future radio blogs as playlists in my iPod so I can take them out for a spin before I create them for the listening public. I still have a lot to learn about this new toy. I had to take my iPod into an Apple store last week because I could not figure out how to reset it but it’s all good now. By the time I become really savvy with this toy, a new generation of iPods will be out. All that being said, if any of you iPod savvy folks have tips and pointers to share so I can make the most of my iPod, please leave me a comment.

Bakari, Ronn, and Dre…you can stop all that cheering.

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  1. Tubba says:

    that sound you hear? not cheering, it’s the rumble of my eyes done. rolling. very. hard. ha! i’d *knew* you crack! LOL

  2. The Rodman says:

    Oh my,
    cassettes, narrow ties, bold colors Micheal(orginal and first nose) Jackson and dare I say it (yes I dare) The Jeri Curl.
    A World of Curls…
    If I didnt have a grease stain on my collar…that meant my hair wasn’t curly enough.
    Having been fired from Homestead Savings on Market Street, I thought, I would get a quick job at Rainbow Records on Market Street across from the Emporium.
    There I could borrow these greats and put them of tape.
    So, me and Izora, Chaka, Patrice and Minnie could sing together in my ex-wifes ’78 Chevette 4 speed with four speakers- havent you heard her taken away my space and doin stuff like that in Adventures in Paradise.
    You can bring back the “80’s but leave the grease.

  3. Todd Kelley says:

    i’m hatin’!!!!!!

  4. sandra says:

    i’m jealous! sleek, black, sexy!

  5. Bakari says:

    I just read this post. See, now you’re rockin’. Congrad, James. I’m jealous too that you got the video iPod, but I’m still happy with the one I got, even though it’s only about 4gigs of space left. In a few years you’ll be able to auction off your iPod with all your well selected music in it—for at least a couple of thouseand bucks. 🙂

  6. MrMyke says:

    I AGREE! The New iPod rocks! I got the 30GB video iPod this X-mas as well. Now what to do with my Sony NetMD Mini Disk! I loved it for years! Don’t get me wrong! I have almost ALL my favorites loaded on one very compact player. I do miss the HUGE power loss! My Sony would yeild me over 50 hours on a single AA-battery! Unlike the 14-hour charge the iPod gets! Go Figure!
    Any luck getting videos loaded? Use Videora iPod Converter.

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