What makes you feel like doing stuff like that….

Can you just tell me why certain people feel as though they can walk into a room and act as if they own every seat in a row including yours? I was hanging out in LA over the weekend with a fellow audiophile and we went to see the legendary pianist McCoy Tyner at the The Jazz Bakery in Culver City. We had taken our seats when this couple walked in and thought they had 4 seats together in our row which would have included our seats. I gave the “no, it ain’t your seat” look. Actually, they had the two seats to the left and right of us and we were sitting smack dab in the middle between them in our second row seats from which we could see McCoy’s hands move effortlessly across the keys. After finally taking their seats and realizing they were wrong, the husband mentioned that his wife really wanted to sit next to the people to our right and asked did we want their seats especially since they were the best in the house. Normally, I would have been accommodating but since they had been rude and treated us like second class citizens, I just gave “the look” again to let them know we were not moving.

Enough of the rhetoric and back to the music…..

The McCoy Tyner Trio gave an outstanding performance on Saturday evening at The Jazz Bakery. I am always fascinated when I can watch a pianist’s hands move across the keys and this was definitely the case when watching McCoy finger’s move at a lightning pace. He glides through several tempos of music and sings to the piano during the uptempo numbers and caresses the keys during his unaccompanied piano solos. He was accompanied by Avery Sharpe on bass and Aaron Scott who have appeared on his last few albums. They provided some great solos as well. We stayed for both sets and McCoy played 6 songs in each hour plus set and did an encore after the second set. McCoy has been playing for over 40 years and played with John Coltrane in the 60’s. We had an opportunity to meet him after concert and get his autograph. He was very personable and chatted with us for a few minutes. I mentioned that I saw him perform during his annual 2 week residency at Yoshi’s and he mentioned that he is looking forward to being there again next year. Read more about McCoy Tyner on the Verve/Impulse music website.

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  1. Bill says:

    I had some kind words to say to the rude dude, but I was told to keep my mouth shut
    A Fellow Audiophile

  2. Michael E. Blackmon says:

    I can just imagine “the look” I know this look to be vintage James. Wish I could have been there. Good work on the website.

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