Brief snippets but more to come later….

This is the last week of my Essentials for Oracle Database Administrators course so I am finishing my assignments and exams. I attended the 3 nights of the San Francisco Jazz Fest over the weekend and had a great time. More to come. I will be attending a writer’s workshop this weekend so I can stop splitting my verbs and consonants. Picked up an few new tunes including Gerald Albright, Heather Headley, and Kirk Whalum.
Funniest moment of the weekend: I played Diana Krall’s “Live In Paris” on Friday and on Saturday morning I could not get my CD player to work. Could I have been cursed by the Krall? Much to my relief, it started working again when I put on some Joe Sample.
Also, check out the nearly completed j-notes logo on the about j-notes pages. It was designed by js and I am grateful to have such a talented friend!!!

2 Responses to “Brief snippets but more to come later….”

  1. Dee says:

    I am surprised you didn’t get WebSense’d. Okay, tell me you have databased the entirety of your music collection!

  2. B(T)ubba says:

    Ouch! Had read the by-line… and realized whatcha sayin’ is ‘snippets’… yes, am that grammitcal stickler for ya, and you’re probably figetting around your site! p-ha!
    The artist formerly known as Tubba. 🙂

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