For the Natalie Maria Cole Fans…..

I was checking out the recently updated Natalie Cole website and found a great interview and some performance footage in Windows Media Format. It provides a glipse into the making of her recent Verve release, “Ask A Woman Who Know” which I will probably need another copy of since I am wearing the grooves off my first copy. It is very enjoyable.
Natalie Cole Interview and Performance Footage

2 Responses to “For the Natalie Maria Cole Fans…..”

  1. Winston van Embricqs says:

    Natalie Cole,
    Just my kinda woman what else can a man wants?

  2. Gaster Banks III says:

    Happy Be-lated birthday Natalie hope to see you soon. The time will come when you love again. Hope this reaches you & touches your heart U, are all that & then some.
    Love Gaster III

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