j-reviews – Heather Headley and Nnenna Freelon

It is impossible to love every CD that you purchase. Recently, I purchased an Ella Fitzgerald CD from circa 1969 where she was singing pop songs from that era like “Get Ready” and “Got To Get You Into My Life.” Great voice but a not a good choice of material. My saving grace on this buying trip was Count Basie’s “April In Paris.” I also bought the new Nnenna Freelon release that day which I will discuss shortly.

Heather Headley – “This Is Who I Am”

Heather Headley’s debut album came to me highly recommended from a couple of friends so I was excited about getting it. I have played this album at least five times and other than a couple of tracks, nothing really grabs me here. I enjoyed the tracks “He Is”, “Nature Of A Man” and “If It Wasn’t For Your Love” but beyond that everything sounded the same to me. Heather’s vocals are wonderful and strong but I think she could have had some material that was better suited for her instrument. I cannot wait to read the comments on this one. 🙂

Read more about Heather on her personal website, www.heatherheadley.com.

Nnenna Freelon – “Tales Of Wonder”

When I think about the music of Stevie Wonder, I am taken back to listening to his music while growing up in Chicago. He is truly blessed musical genius. Jazz vocalist Nnenna Freelon latest release is a celebration of Stevie Wonder’s music. Upon the first listen, it sounds like “Stevie Wonder lounge music” but after a few more listens, you will understand Nnenna’s interpretation of the music of Wonder. Tracks included are “Overjoyed”, “Creepin'”, and “My Cherie Amour.” I would love to hear India.Arie or Ledisi do a Stevie album.

Read more on Nnenna Freelon on her personal website, www.nnenna.com.

3 Responses to “j-reviews – Heather Headley and Nnenna Freelon”

  1. e j says:

    I’m with you with Heather Headley. All along I thought it was just with me. I can breathe now.

  2. Antonio G says:

    Even though I haven’t picked up Heather Headley’s “This Is Who I Am,” yet I’ve been kinda afraid to do so … I’ve listen to some tracks off her website and the only track that really got my attention was “I Wish I Wasn’t,” … I’ve heard several people hype up the album and I think I’ve been trying to hype myself into getting it but I haven’t … yet.

  3. Dominic Santos says:

    OMG..Heather Headley’s album is the album of the year. If more people get it then they will agree. I’m her biggest fan. She has an amzing voice and she is just the most talented singer out right now. GO GET HER ALBUM!!!!!!

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