Simple pleasures and wonderful blessings….

Well, we are less than 10 days away from Christmas and like portions of the rest of the world, I have not started any shopping, Christmas cards, or baking. This was a restful weekend since it was raining most of the time. I listened to music and surfed the web. I finally received my Incognito CD on Friday. I almost turned a cartwheel when the mail carrier called and said I had a package. It is a very enjoyable CD as you probably know by now since I have been talking about it for the past few weeks. I submitted a few CD and concert reviews to and they posted my work in the guest reviewer’s section. In addition, I have signed up to be a volunteer staff reviewer for their site. I think it will be great exposure and help me to further my music reviewing skills.
I also found a copy of Patti Austin’s 1984 self-entitled release on CD on Ebay. I found it totally on a random search of her music. It had been on auction for a week, no one had bid on it, and the bidding closed in 5 hours. Well, I was the lucky winner and this was truly a music blessing because I have been looking for this CD for 10 years all over the country and online.
Well, let me get back to finishing the egg nog rum cake that I am bringing to work tomorrow. Otherwise, my co-workers will not let me in the building.

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  1. Antonio G says:

    Alright … I’m waiting on your reviews of Donnie’s CD “The Colored Section,” and Hidden Beach’s “Unwrapped Volume 2,” — but I’ll wait my turn … Looks as if you have your hands full with your reviews over at, Incognito CD, and finding hidden treasures on Ebay.

  2. I thought you had it (incognito) already, i know u mentioned buying it from a auction…i looked at their website…plus tried to download their songs from to see what you are raving about… but no such luck 🙁 …

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