What More Can Be Said….

About Whitney Houston-Brown. I rushed home from choir rehearsal on Wednesday to watch Diane Sawyer’s interview of singer Whitney Houston. It had already started but I knew js was taping it so I could see the beginning later. I have sat in the shadows waiting for one of my blogging homies to post something that I could just comment on but maybe they are still silently mourning the interview as I am. I do not plan to say much because I know the comments posted to this entry will tell the real story. It saddened me to see her erratic behavior during the course of the interview. js and I chatted on the phone during commercial breaks and in most cases, we were saddened by what we had seen. The bright moments were seeing Whitney playing piano and the cameo appearance of her daughter, Bobbie Christina, who is a positive light in her life. I kept thinking to myself, “maybe Natalie and Chaka will come to her rescue, seeing they both have been down the road of bad drugs and bad men.” I also wondered, “why was Bobby Brown sweating so much during his brief appearance when he spoke about being bi-polar and smoking a blunt every other day to keep him mellow?” I close with a favorite line from a classic Chaka song, “Even a blind man (or woman) can tell when he’s (she’s) walking in the sun.”

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  1. js says:

    Heartbreaking to watch someone struggling with so many challenges. At this point, her career is not even a concern to me. Her life seems to be killing her. If she’s going to destroy herself with drugs, she may as well do it cheaply (with crack) so she can leave something for Bobbi Kristina… well, at least if there is something left after her father finishes taking her to bank. js

  2. Cheri says:

    All I can say, is I hope Whitney will truly realize that she is, as she put it “A child of God.” Right now, that is nothing more than a statement in her life right now. When she is ready, she has the way home. She just needs to look to the light of Jesus Christ.

  3. Antonio G says:

    Whitney’s interview was outta of control — I’m hoping she turns her life around and gets it right. I understand folks are going to live their lives the way they want but damn! I would have to agree that I was proud when I saw Whitney playing the piano and seeing Bobby Kristina.

  4. Sevet says:

    The interview cited as a “trainwreck” by many critics seemed to do her more bad than good. We all thought she would clear her name, make herself look better, move forward. However, we saw a Whitney that was fidgeting with her wedding ring constantly, moving her hair around, and making faces as if she was hearing voices in her head. Bobby Brown adds to the drama crying “bi-polar” and diagnosing himself as catatonic with the use of lithium…Lord, for the sake of the child, help them.

  5. Reese says:

    i went to your website today and was thouroughly impressed w/ it. i was especially interested in the notes on whitney. i thought that it was a travesty to watch her ruin her career or as we say put another nail in her coffin. i was seriously considering purchasing her cd however i am having a change of heart. to toss around that she is a child of God when she is destroying herself. and to watch how bobby brown was boasting about drug use every other day…..just made me sick to my stomach.

  6. DJ says:

    Now this is the big question…I have asked this of several people and I have recieved many different answers, but those of you that taped the show can go back and confirm.
    1) Did you see the dog (the four legged kind not Bobby)?
    2) Had said dog likewise smoked a little crack or maybe a blunt to calm it’s nerves before the interview?
    (Look for the puppy in the first 15 minutes of the interview, Whitney strokes it as it lays rag like at her side.)

  7. j-notes says:

    I have confirmed that a dog did appear briefly during the interview. However, it has not been confirmed whether or not the dog was using drugs…LOL!!!

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