Who Needs Love…..ME!!!

I am not sure whether to laugh or cry but it looks like I have gotten my first Christmas present. I was trading IMs with dj last week and he mentioned that he was bidding on a copy of the new Incognito release, “Who Needs Love” on Ebay. Well, inquisitive me decides to check out the bidding war and toss my hat in the ring since the bids were still low. I went back a few days later and noticed that I had been outbid so I think nothing more about it. This morning before I went to work, I check the bids again since they were closing today and just for fun, I raised my bid. Well now I am the highest bidder and there are only 5 hours left until this item closes. Well guess what…..I won the bid. It was a bittersweet victory because I spent more than I intended but on the other hand, I will have the new Incognito groove in my hands before the end of the week. My lesson learned – bid cautiously!
By the way, I finally saw the movie Barbershop this evening. Of course, it had gotten away from all the local theatres so I drove 30 miles to the dollar theatre but it was worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Yeah, there was some crazy stuff said but I have heard a lot worse in barbershops.

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  1. I’m intrigued by eBay. But, I’m too chicken to actually bid on anything. I also have some trust issues regarding it. Then again, that’s probably more me than them.

  2. ronn says:

    I mistrusted eBay for the longest. Now I sell books thru their half.com affiliate and it’s a charm.
    BTW, I made my first purchase thru the site the other day and am waiting to see if the sale goes as smoothly as I make my own. (Li’l ol’ modest me.)

  3. BlkTeddyIN says:

    I regularly use Ebay to get this and that. Im sure James you dont need to divulge all I get either. LOL. But seriously its a good outlet for buying and selling your personal goods. I need to get organized and start selling off some of my own things.

  4. j-notes says:

    After I have had a night to sleep on it, I am not feeling too bad about my purchase now even though I spent a little too much. Ebay is definitely a great resource and I have also found some rare music on half.ebay.com. I even got tempted to bid again when I saw a remastered copy of Sheree Brown’s 1982 release for sale. I am really glad to know it is available but I will find it at a better price. I may even sell my unopened Jackie Wilson box set on Ebay one of these days.

  5. DJ says:

    OMG James stole my bid from me and captured the Cog CD from EBAY….but I got mine hours before he got his copy so i feel vindicated ( LOL ). I would suggest that everyone go out and get yourself a copy of this CD. It is LA BOMBA… CDJAPAN baby….

  6. j-notes says:

    Good news….after waiting for over a week, I got my copy of Incognito’s new release “Who Needs Love” and it was definitely worth the wait. It would make a great stocking stuffer and great music for your holiday gatherings.

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