Donnie – “The Colored Section”

“Welcome to the colored section | Welcome to the Negro league | Sign your name on the black list and know this | It’s American history | See what is to be blackmailed | See a real live conspiracy | Sign your name on the black list and know this | It’s American history” – Donnie “The Colored Section”

When was last time you listened to an album where the words were so powerful and meaningful that you actually had to pull out the liner notes to make sure you did not miss anything? I have listened to Donnie’s debut release on Giant Step Records, “The Colored Section” several times. I am enjoying it so much that it has taken me awhile to do to this review. The lyrics above are from his opening song, “Welcome To The Colored Section.” They are truly poignant and thought provoking. Donnie has been placed in the currently popular “neo-soul” genre but his music has the soulful consciousness of Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and the sensitivity of Roberta Flack. You hear their influences in his music as well his own church roots growing up in Atlanta. Donnie opens our eyes to the world around us and then brings us back inside to look at our own loves and lives. Every song on this album is a precious gem that is brilliantly arranged. Among the host of excellent musicians, Billy Preston is featured on the Hammond B3 organ and Bobby”Rufus”Watson on the bass. My favorite songs include “You Got A Friend“, “Rocketship“, “Do You Know? “, Cloud 9“, and “Heaven Sent.” I hope this is just the beginning of great music from this talented artist.

Donnie is currently touring with his good friend, India.Arie and also with Julie Dexter. Read more about Donnie on his website, Be sure to pick up the album so we can keep the good music coming.

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  1. Antonio G says:

    If you think the CD is something – If you have the chance to see Donnie in concert do so … The first night he opened for India.Arie and his mics were kinda messed up but the second night at the Temple Bar he ripped it … The vibe was off the hook and I couldn’t do anything but smile and sing along. Shortly after the show I was making my way to the lounge area Donnie walked up behind and said, “Antonio, Thanks so much for supportin’ me.”

  2. Yeshuwah Wondaye says:

    My favorite artist in the world is Donny Hathaway so when I read in Vibe magazine that someone thought Donnie sounded like Donny Hathaway I had to hear it. I know that I’m very judgemental when it comes to music, me being an artist myself. I’ve been listening to nothing but this CD since I picked it up. I swear I should get paid for the promotion I’m doing of Donnie in Cincinnati. He’s my new all time favorite.

  3. Christie says:

    I still cant get the Donnie CD out of my CD player. I listen to it every-day I drive to work. Since I don’t drink coffee, he is my coffee in the morning. His sound is
    awesome. I thought of Donny Hathaway with a twist of Stevie the first time I heard him. I eagerly await one of his Atlanta concerts.
    I really appreciate good artists, with good messages, and good vibes. I inform all of my friends of this genuine sound. I wish him much success.
    One Love from a Miami girl living in Atlanta!

  4. Waheeda says:

    I have to agree with Yeshuwah on Donny Hathaway being my favorite male artist. When I heard Donnie, it immediately grabbed my attention and his name was even more intriguing. I LOOOVE this cd, that’s how found this website. I was in search for his lyrics because I can’t understand all of them. His voice is truly in resemblence of Hathaway, Wonder, and also Charlie wilson of the Gap Band. My favorite right now is Cloud 9, but the whole cd is magnificant. Keep it up Donnie

  5. Angie says:

    I borrowed this cd off my friend and was instantly blown away. My favourite track is ‘Do You Know’.
    Does anybody have any information on Donnie, if he’s touring, doing anything with India Arie again?
    Thank you

  6. Angie says:

    Thanks for replying James, I’ve just found out that Donnies old site has now moved to

  7. Angie says:

    Can’t remember which Forum board I read about the change of website on.
    I posted on a few to find out info on Donnie.

  8. Smith says:

    Much to our amazement, Donnie has won the hearts and soul of many of the air hosts at the station WQTQ FM. He’s among American’s best kept secrets and soon to be a musical (if not already there!)treasure. It’s great to hear talent and the critical stance implicit in his product.
    Tom Smith, Chief of Operations
    415 Granby Street
    Hartford, Connecticut 06112

  9. AngelWolph says:

    I first heard The Colored Section through the wall of my apartment. My neighbor was blasting it last Saturday afternoon. She let me borrow it and it has yet to leave my cd player. Don’t worry, I will be getting my own copy this weekend! My favorites are Wildlife (a perfect blend of jazz & gospel-the words are the gospel truth), Cloud 9 (’cause I AM happy to be nappy), and Do You Know (this song gives me chills all over).
    Can’t wait to see Donnie in concert when (if) he comes to D.C.

  10. Mai e. thompson says:

    This cd is so eclectic! I’m impressed and inspired. It is though-provoking and makes me hopeful about young black artists! ‘Nuff love and respect. Art is STRONG!!

  11. Kathy Curate says:

    I don’t know if Donny would remember, but he and I were guest soloists for a concert at my church in Atlanta. The church musicians wrote and arranged new music they were presenting. We all met Donnie through our church drummer, who incidently was a member of the “Earthseed” family–and played at the Ying Yang Club. Donnie has such a great, powerful spirit. He is a singer that will move you to sing while sharing his spirit. Shouldn’t surprise you. Donnie’s roots, as others, are in the church. What a voice!

  12. sinkfaze says:

    I bought Donnie’s “The Colored Section” yesterday and gave it a few…okay, 6 straight-through listens. I was hoping that the album would match up to the hype I’d been getting from around the way, but I didn’t quite find as much as was touted.
    For starters, maybe my experience is tainted by having grown up in the era of Public Enemy and the Native Tongues, but the so-called controversy of Donnie’s racial toned lyrics is, to me, comparable to finding an Almond Joy in a Mounds wrapper. And it’s played out, sadly. These types of black pride anthemics used to be innately tied to a strong community of positive black activism, whose existence has been reduced to small, fragmented sects. These reborn lyrics capture the power but sorely lack the spirit; they have transcended their greater purpose and sulked into cliche. To proclaim his lyrics a bold social statement is a sad commentary not only for the black communities of the new millennium, but on American society as a whole.
    Donnie’s vocal gifts are very arresting and refreshing, owing unabashedly to Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder. His song crafting also owes a lot to the both of them, maybe a little too much. On several tracks in fact you’d swear you were lost in an old Stevie Wonder record, complete with the trademark synthesizer bass accents and harmonica wails thrown in for good measure.
    The songs throughout the album are ambitious, sprawling and full of powerful grooves. And while on some tracks it all comes to a beautiful fruition(like on “Heaven Sent”, “Turn Around” and “Our New National Anthem”), other tracks suffer from a lack of vocal presence, whether it is because of Donnie’s natural delivery or the production values. Nor did he offer much variety in vocal arrangement, sticking to a largely synchronous gospel format. His lyrical craftsmanship on the whole leaves something to be desired, as for all the grooves I got into from this record, I remember not one particular melody or hook that went with them.
    The unrefined penmanship also adversely affects the track lengths, 9 of which were over 4 minutes, 8 of those over 4 and a half minutes. These are exhaustingly long spans in which to put upbeat soul/R&B; not that it can’t be done. But the structure just wasn’t there, he doesn’t yet have a clear design for build up and climax, and with the vocals generally being underplayed as it were, he had to rely on the groove to hold interest for an extra 30-60 seconds. A reliance which, to my ears, failed him. There’s a lot of subtleties to the form he has yet to get under his wing.
    All in all, I very much enjoyed this album. It’s a valiant effort from an extremely talented young vocalist. But it lacks maturity in areas, which can be cleared up in time. I’m certainly not on the bandwagon of those reviewers declaring legendary soul/R&B album status for him(certainly Raphael Saddiq deserved at least as much praise, if not more for his debut). This album shows promise, and given the proper time and guidance, Donnie can make some legendary music.

  13. milton says:

    the cd is great. the music is great. and the man is (will be) great. I hope that we as fans will not let this artist slip through our hands as so many others have. He is someone who, with support, from fans as well as those who hold his contract, can become something great. He is defenitely a force to be reckoned with. Though this debut release, some would say, was too fast, and did not come with as much effort and attention as it could have, I believe that he has in him what it takes to be great. To whom ever it was who posted such lengthy critisizm, keep in mind that this is a new artist, who has released work on a label that is not of experience and seniority. The fact that a larger more knowledgeable company such as Motown/Universal, has teamed with his label to re-release his debut, is a testament that this effort could have used just that; a bit more effort. But I think that for what he is worth, at this present moment, and for what he had to work with, you could give him a little bit more credit than you did. There were a few comments that disturbed me to say the least, and thus moved me to question the validity of your statements, as they were countered with equal positive inputs; to some degree.
    First, you said “the so-called controversy of Donnie’s racial toned lyrics is, to me, comparable to finding an Almond Joy in a Mounds wrapper. And it’s played out, sadly. These types of black pride anthemics used to be innately tied to a strong community of positive black activism, whose existence has been reduced to small, fragmented sects.”
    I have to ask you, do these lyrics, and statements that he makes in his songs have no place in today’s society because they dont have a MASS body of black pride supporters to fill the ears of? The statements that he makes in his songs are ANYTHING but outdated. Just because there is no popular body stating the same thing, it is still needed. Its just plain ignorant to say that what he is speaking on is “out-dated” and it leads me to wonder if you are even cognizant of the society you claim to be so enlightened so much about in the first. His lyrics are not “re-born”. If anything, they are a reincarnation; a true testament to the persevering qualities and characters of society that his message is mirroring the past in speaking against. and to relate the experience of listening to him to finding an almond joy in a mounds wrapper says that you, yourself was EXPECTING his music to be anything but what it was. That is a mistake made on your part, and not support of any criticism that you filled your post with. If I understand your statement that “To proclaim his lyrics a bold social statement is a sad commentary not only for the black communities of the new millennium, but on American society as a whole”, you are saying that in calling his lyrics a social statement(for the present time), we are making negative and “sad” acknowledgement of the African-American Community, and the American Community as a whole. If this is correct, it directly retorts your before stated claim that his lyrics were outdated, for you are acknowledging a need for his lyrics for this present time, whether that need is for something “sad” or good. It will not do very much to continue to respond to the statements you made, for I believe that his success comes from support of HIM, and not of response to those who criticize and make negative empty claims in an attempt to write what you must have blindly thought was a listener’s/critic’s view of his work.
    To Donnie, continue to do what you do, and make it your best. I love your work now, for what it is, and what it is not, and I hope that you continue to grow as an artist, an entertainer, and more importantly, as a person.
    Lets continue to support Donnie and his message, for it is needed today, like it was needed yesterday.

  14. jabari says:

    past due, and thoroughly enjoyed. goodluck, donnie.

  15. dj discovery- oakland says:

    Donnie, you officially bring the noise. Your voice reminds me of so many things, firstly you sing like your self. It may seem as if you remind others of other great singers. That’s a good thing not to be confused with complete replication of stevie or donnie hathaway or whoever. All of those who have paved the way purposely brought the noise and even they reminded somone of someone. So be blessed and spread the WORD. word.
    one love

  16. Shirl B. says:

    The first time I heard Donnie’s music was on the radio KJLH in Los Angeles. The song was Cloud 9. At the time I thought it was Steve Wonder, so I waited for the DJ to say the artist name just to be sure but he didn’t. A week later my husband came to me excited asking if I had heard this song so he began to sing it. With excitment I said YES YES! So he told me the artist name was Donnie. My husband went out and bought the cd and played it for me. I must say not only did the cd inspire him but me also. I have not heard music (soulful,meaningful,inspiring)like this in so long. The songs took me back to my childhood growing up on Steve, Donnie, Marvin and now to have someone like Donnie. I told my husband that Donnie is todays Steve Wonder. His lyrics are so real. Just listening to each song brought a smile to my soul. Please don’t sleep on this one. Donnie I pray that you keep God first in your life. Many Blessing to you and yours.
    God Bless
    Shirl B.
    It was hard finding your cd my husband found it at a Mom & Pop store (Midtown Record Store)I think.

  17. mark says:

    Calling Donnie’s album (to be rereleased on Motown) played smacks of “Been there done that” faux superiority. First, we have to give artists props whenever they stretch the bounds of R&B, especially when that stretch is to enlighten, to discuss, to cajole. I don’t see where you get to calling his “penmanship” “unrefined.” That’s just plain bollocks, mate. Has there ever been a sweeter homage to dreads than “Cloud 9?” I’d only subtract points from WTTCS for being *too much* like some of Stevie Wonder’s old albums. But that’s a disease that has striken all “neo-soul-ers.”

  18. Tay says:

    I first heard “Cloud 9” on my local radio station. I FELL IN LOVE FROM THE FIRST TIME I HEARD IT!! I started asking around to find out who it was.A friend of mine told me it was Donnie.
    So, I go out and find his CD……..I WAS FLOORED!!!! He’s voice is amazing! He’s lyrics are so driven to make you think about how wonderful and beautiful it is to be black. Don’t let “them” define who you are. After, listening to the whole cd…..i put it on for my kids( who are 11 & 12 ). They listened to it and asked me ” What does this mean? What does that mean?” Now THEY are Donnie fans.And sing along….. As a parent I’m glad that Donnie and India are out there for my children to listen.Instead of cursing and us calling each other out of our names.So kudos to you Mr.Donnie !!!! And thank you for my sons new favorite song ” Cloud 9″!!!

  19. ngozi says:

    donnie..give thanks someone like you is not just playing music that we want but music that we need..i’m trying to see you in ventura june 7th..anyone going to the show from san diego? i may be tryin’ to ride..peace.ngozi

  20. charmin patterson says:

    when i frist heard donnie i was blown away then i thought about this other neon-soul male singer out of austin texas his name is tyrell he’s signed to union ave ent he plays the sax,keys,grum he was suppose to be writing a song for donnie motown needs to holla at that brother people’s ulysee carson at 914 923 4554 or lamar ramsey at 516 650 7879 oh yeh the voice is all that and moore

  21. CELESTE says:

    I have to agree with everyone else- Donnie is hot!!! I can’t listen to anyone else but him right now. I have a ticket to see India.Arie in San Diego, on Aug. 18; I hope he opens for her the 2 of them on the same stage is the BOMB… give this man his props……..

  22. Shannon says:

    hey..i really like donnie…i first saw him at mjq concourse in atlanta, then at club 1150, then last sat nite at earthlink live…i dunno….he was off, way off…i got the feelin’ he was heaven bound…u know he didnt even take his hat off for cloud 9! one strange thing he did all nite was tug on his jacket…was he “tweaking”?
    i was very disappointed…this was the first time i’ve ever witnessed an opening act (angela brown and heston) stealing shine from the main headliner…it was downright embarrasing…this is not the time for him to start acting a fool…get it together donnie..i know u can do it!

  23. tracy says:

    I am late getting on the Donnie bandwagon…but I am in LOVE!!!! That CD is the “Songs in the Key of Life” for our generation!!!

  24. Hope says:

    I am in love with “Do you Know?”
    It’s like you and have experinced the same thing.
    Anyway I’m a musician as welland I loved that song.
    I would love to meet you Donnie

  25. Kya says:

    I saw Donnie on the Orlando show and I immediately went to get it. I love EVERY track on the album especially “Big Black Buck” and Rocket Ship”. Unfortunately, HE’S so positive that he will not get the credit that he deserves. The media is not going to let someone who wants to uplift Black people, expose conspiracies and give truth, the air time that is NEEDED. Donnie don’t let the media and record execs.change your message. WE need it.

  26. Darren says:

    I’m so glad that I can begin to pass real music along to my kids like my parents did for me. I mean, my 2 and half year old daughter sings along to Stevie Wonder, The O’Jays, Marley and whatever else I’m playing at the time. But now I can pass along new music from real artists and help create memories of her own. As much as I play Donnie’s CD in my car, I know my daughter and young son will recall the songs as I did when I was young. Thanks to Donnie and all the other real artists who are willing, in a time when reality is shunned for commercial acceptance, to share a part of their soul, something real for a new generation to cherish.

  27. Velle says:

    I just purchased this CD last Saturday and i thought it was ok. But at first I wasn’t listening that close because I was also doing other things…When I got the chance to hear the message I realized the greatness of this album. I’m an artist myself and hope that I can put out quality like this oneday. I wanted to uplift the positive of black people and expose negatives of society. But anyway, we need to encourage everyone to go and pick this album up.. Lets show Donnie that we do want to hear more than sex, sex, sex, love, love,love.

  28. Natasza says:

    Can’t find this cd anywhere! All the imported copies are sold out (maybe should mention I live in Sweden)What’s a girl to do???

  29. Donald says:

    Natasza, try HMV … or Amazon.
    People in New York, HMV has this CD for $8.99. Please go out and support this man, buy several copies of this masterpiece and share it lovingly with your friends and family who don’t already know this phenomenal music.

  30. Sara says:

    he’s simply AMAZING and refreshing!

  31. Velle says:

    I went to see Donnie perform last thursday in Detroit Michigan and it was amazing. Great music, backgrounds singers and of course Donnie also. As a singer it proved the reason why I myself wanted to be a live artist. Theres nothing like it. I was so inspired

  32. Deb says:

    I’ve purchased Donnie’s CD and believe me, it’s awesome. I play it every day and can’t wait to see him in concert. Is there a schedule posted online of his tour dates in the U.S.?

  33. Tia says:

    Donnie is making real music. The lyrics in his music is truly a work of art. I love this artist and I’ve only had this album for 4 days. If you have a burnt copy of his album trash it, because this artist deserves our support!

  34. Carmen says:

    “The Colored Section” is the best CD in my collection right now. I find his music real and straight to the point. Let’s continue to support his music.

  35. Quannesha says:

    It is the best CD ever… It is inspiring.. I like Beautiful Me the most.

  36. Velben says:

    Sup fam….I love soul music, hiphop, jazz and poetry. I’m an artist from Detroit (Dwele) seeking a good producer or band to work with… Check out my voice at the link posted.

  37. Sacha says:

    Donnie, what a tremendous album! And extremely courageous…..there aren’t many artists out there who could do what you’re doing and say the things you’re saying today. I want you to know that as hard as it may be to go through this journey, you are not alone and you are making such a profound impact on this entire world. You are in the forefront of this movement Donnie. An indigo trailblazer with many children behind you being prepared to continue the work you have so boldly started. This generation is blessed to have you. You are a leader and I truly believe you are a messenger sent from above. I am with you always in this plight Donnie, may God always give you strength.
    Love & Blessings

  38. Quinn says:

    This CD is great!!!I happened to see the commercial for the CD late one night and decided that I have to have it from just the little bit that I had heard.But to my benefit,and surprise my sister already had it.So of course I had to borrow it.I am so hooked on it that that’s the ONLY CD that I play now.I love his voice, but most of all, it’s the true message that he sends, along his talented way of arranging the songs around his lovely vocals. I’m hooked for life.I really think he’s going to stay around for a long time,and hopefully open the doors for many others like him.Keep it up Donnie!!!!!You’re a true talent,and that’s REAL music.!:)

  39. Vivian says:

    The cd is great. The music is great. The lyrics are true and contemporary…You can’t top that. Donnie’s vocal are great… Best cd purchase I’ve made since Who Is Jill Scott!

  40. I was fortunate to hear Donnie on looong before he hit it with The Colored Section.., I found it difficult, then, to imagine I was listening to a ‘new’ artist, especially one so young. “You’ve Got a Friend” is one of my all time favorite songs; “Big Black Buck” is pure genius; “Turn Around”, masterful.., and his performance, although a little unpolished (Donnie, be YOURSELF and get some rest), was enjoyable. His songwriting/stylistic vocals are his forte and I believe is on par with Stevie Wonder.

  41. Vincenzo says:

    Check out the Donnie review on 2 Walls Webzine:

  42. ciphun says:

    I’ve been listening to clips of this album off and on from the iTMS (iTunes Music Store the best online music store) and I have been debating the purchase for a month or so, but I think I may just purchase this album and put it on my iPod. Does anyone know if Donnie has his own website?

  43. ciphun says:

    sorry, just re-read the last sentence on this site and it had his website address.

  44. William Pelkey says:

    Brother, Brother, Brother!!!! Donnie has created a masterpiece! I bought one for the house, and both cars.

  45. TonyBravo says:

    I first heard this young artist on the Orlando Jones Show,when i heard this cat i said to myself Whoa.They played Cloud 9 and my personal opinion was,what inspired him.
    There are tons of R&B artists here out today,alot of them have other ppl writing for them,and not to many appeal to me today.I find that most of the music today is empty and not enough soul.Everyone is entitled to their opinions and this is mines.I hope he keeps on going and don’t stop with this first debut album.
    We need more ppl who will sing from the heart.I think personaly that he has it,being that he has a gift and i hope he keeps on sharing these touching songs with ppl who really want to hear his stuff and does’nt let anyone tell him any different.I pray to The Lord Jesus that you stay grounded and do not let anything deter you from your path myfriend,you are an insperation to true music lovers .
    Jesus Loves us All So Much

  46. Crystal J. says:

    I first heard the Donnie CD from some friends who live in California. I’ll admit I thought his voice was great but hadn’t paid much attention to it (my mind was elsewhere) but when I finally sat down and took a good listen… I was blown away!! Donny Hathaway would enjoy hearing this man and Stevie Wonder (I’d bet) has had some pretty great things to say as well.
    I join the many who give TWO THUMBS UP to this artist. I hope he comes to Dallas soon and lays us all out!!!! Good Luck to him and God Bless his walk.
    Peace ~ CJ

  47. Another release from 2002 that got my attention n 2003 is the 5th pick on my list, from Giant Step Records, the cd The Colored Section, the artist Donnie. Tho, there was some grassroot/underground buzz an’ more than a few positive reviews, there wasn’t a lot of airplay an’ none n this market, (Tampa, FL), other than ‘MNF. However, this KY born, Atalnta raised, Hebrew Pentecostal has alot 2 say. Comparisons 2 Stevie Wonder an’ Donny Hathaway r evident not jus n his sound but also n his content. The Colored Section is a tribute 2 the traditions of rag time, gospel an’ r&b with a commitment 2 social justice an’ civil righteousness n its lyrics. This cd would have made a great soundtrack 4 the movement of the 60’s.

  48. Marvin Dancy says:

    He made time stand still.
    Thanks Donnie, for a wonderful recording.
    Marvin Dancy

  49. Adeleye says:

    Bought the album out of curiosity. Never have I felt so lucky in my life! Donnie killed it! Black people we need to stick together and support artists like donnie. They are our ambassadors! I’m surprised that some actually feel the black struggle is over! Bad news we’re far from it. We need to re-evaluate cause it ain’t all good. Sex sells and so many artists are selling it like it’s the only thing we do. When Marvin sang about sex you felt him singing from the heart regardless. These days artists like genuine sound like porn stars to me! We need more from you Donnie so keep it up

  50. Sid says:

    This is an absolutely wonderful album. My favorite track is “Turn Around” track#8. I hope to see more of this type of inspired soul from Donnie and from other artists in the future.

  51. Erika says:

    The first time I heard “The Colored Section” I was in my sister’s car, and I instantly fell in love with it. It made me proud to be black. It seems like in the world today black people are ashamed of their race. Donnie brought out alot of important things in this cd, and I can trully say that I have learned from it. My two favorite songs on the cd are ”
    Cloud 9″ and “People Person”, especially “People Person” because I can really relate to it. I’ve known lots of people like the people in the song and I was so quick to judge. Now after hearing that song, I realize that I had no right to judge when I’m not near perfect. I hope when people listen to the cd, they not only listen to Donnie’s voice but hear and understand his lyrics.
    16yrs old

  52. kimmy says:

    it’s about time music that touches the soul is generated. thank you, donnie for sharing your insight with all who choose to listen. God bless you and your career – we need your message!

  53. Preachtj says:

    so glad to say that this cat is my baby brother……literally!!! I have been blessed to have heard this voice for the past 20+ years. Pray that music and critisism does not consume him. He has much to say. You all will be hearimg a lot more music from his hometown of Lexington, KY

  54. Cypherwars says:

    Man I myself being a fan of the late and in my opinion [ the father of neo-soul ] Donny Hathaway …. was astounded when I bumped this album……. one could swear it’s Donny Hathaway only modern… A pure Classic fro Donnie, there are not enough words to describe the beauty of this album (Conceptually, Lyrically, Spiritually and Instrumentally on point). The man is pure genious , pity … not a lot of people have heard of him …..yet…. I am greatly anticipating another masterpiece from Donnie.

  55. selene says:

    Damn. I don’t know what to say about this record, other than — if you’ve read this far and HAVEN’T heard his eloquent concepts and spiritually inviting and revitalizing lyrics, you need to. I know you can listen to alot of his tracks at (it’s how I found him and got into him). I’m delirious with appreciation.
    Thank you, Donnie.

  56. arthur says:

    doesn’t donnie sing a song entitled “for all we know”?

  57. Twuan Wayne says:

    I mean what more can you say about the next big artist in true soul. Donnie is so creative in his approach towards his music that its scary and I love being scared the hell out of. My favorite artist of all time is Stevie Wonder but, Im making room for this Saint to music named Donnie. My favorite tracks on this Cd that never gets put back in its case which by the way I should throw away because I have no plans of taking it out of my player until his next cd. Are 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14. Dont get me wrong this album is great overall but those songs stand out just like his talent. Im an up and coming rap – artist and I’ve already shouted out the Artist and the Cd inside my cd cover. TOUR MAN! so I can catch a show please. And one more thing hurry with the next classic.
    Your Fan truly,
    Mr. Wayne

  58. stephanie rone says:

    I had the opportunity to see you perform at the Yin Yang back in 99. You are definitely THE TRUTH. I know it’s been a long time coming, but and I am SO happy that someone put you on. I love your c.d., although, I would love for you to record a live version along with other live music, like how you did it back in the day! 🙂 That’s you Donny! That’s what’s up! Don’t let the industry Frankenstein your natural talent. The warm acoustic sounds are so soothing to the soul! Keep on shining, cause you are definitely a blessed star!
    Stephanie Rone

  59. Candyce says:

    I love this CD. Does anyone have the words to all of the songs? If so pass them along!

  60. Ms. Tongia says:

    THE TIME GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!! You are truely
    a blessing to this world!!!!

  61. Pele says:

    Donnie’s the man!

  62. Kendal says:

    Can someone tell me what’s going on with Donnie? I haven’t heard anything about recent concert dates. Last year he was scheduled to be here in San Francisco and the show was cancelled.

  63. regina says:

    I just want to say that Donnie’s music is the TRUTH. Ihave never felt so proud to be black in my whole life until I bought THE COLORED SECTION. Donnie sings about everything Ihave ever thought about.So I thank him and God for the enlightenment.I just pray though that Donnie would come out here to Seattle and let the folks out here experience the TRUTH.

  64. todd baker says:

    underground artists , mp3s , underground writers and poets , uncsensored forums , every thing you want , all for FREE.

  65. young black says:

    A little off-topic but just wanted to say I liked the layout of the site

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