Miscellaneous but necessary ramblings…

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New vocalist Lizz Wright has tour dates listed now on her Verve site. She will be playing the House of Blues in Chicago with Al Green on April 13 and the Cerritos Center in Cerritos, California on April 14. She is definitely a must see. You can hear a couple of her sample tracks on her Simblist Group webpage.

Jazz singer/pianist Shirley Horn is touring and will be coming to Yoshi’s June from 5- 8. She also has a new album coming out later this year. Stay tuned!!

Vocalist Carla Cook has an updated website with new information and tour dates.

Legendary singer Roberta Flack, who turns 64 tomorrow, is working on a new album. More details as they become available.

Check out soul music ambassabor David Nathan’s recent exclusive interview with Dionne Warwick and her website, www.dionnewarwick.com.

Vocalist René Marie has a new Maxjazz release “Live At Jazz Standard” coming out on April 22.

Vibraphonist Stefon Harris has a new Blue Note release “The Grand Unification Theory” coming out this week.

Vocalist Dianne Reeves is wrapping up work on her upcoming Blue Note release “A Little Moonlight” which is scheduled to be released on August 5. It will includes 11 tunes that range from standards like “Skylark,” “Darn that Dream” and “You Go to My Head” to more modern songs like Stevie Wonder’s “Make Sure You’re Sure.”

Legendary saxaphonist Wayne Shorter has a new Verve release “Alegria” coming out on March 25.

Verve Records will release “Paganini: After a Dream“, a landmark album from the acclaimed violinist Regina Carter on April 22. This album was insprired from a December 2001 concert in Genoa, Italy on the 200 year old Guarneri violin belonging to classical violinist Niccolo Paganini (1782-1840). Regina is the first jazz musician and African-American to lay hands on this classic instrument. She said in a recent San Francisco concert that she played the violin with a room full of armed guards.

Hey!! Singer Lalah Hathaway has a website!! Hopefully, we will hear some new music from her soon.

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  1. Antonio G says:

    I’m guessin’ it’s a weekend bug — I’m lovin’ these entries.

  2. nakachi says:

    new releases from roberta flack *and* shirley horn this year?
    oh, you just made my day.
    lawdy, lawdy.

  3. il moro di venezia says:

    Just thought I’d make a quick correction to the Feb. 9th comments by James. Specifically regarding Regina Carter’s new “Paganini: After a Dream” CD. He states that it was “recorded from a December 2001 concert in Genoa, Italy” but that’s incorrect. The CD is a lucious studio recording not a live concert. It is, however, directly the child of that 2001 concert in Genoa. After the concert she was very interested in recording on the violin. It was apparently a carefully considered plan on her part with her pianist Vana Gierig as well as his associates in the city of Genoa who were responsible for the 2001 concert. In any event, this is a gorgeous CD and should not be missed. Regina truly expands on her craft with each and every CD she releases. Should you have the opportunity to catch this remarkable artist live with her quintet, don’t miss the chance.

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