Vocal Seminar with Ledisi

Go learn how to sing with Ledisi!!!
Who could ask for anything more? I am there.

Update: Ledisi performed an outstanding tribute to Ella Fitzgerald Friday evening, 2/23, with the Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra as part of the 2nd Annual SF Black History Celebration sponsored by SFNoir. Ledisi brought her unique vocal stylings to such time tested Ella classics as “Perdido“, “Don’t Mean A Thing“, “A Tisket-A-Tasket“, “Goody Goody” and a beautiful rendition of “Someone To Watch Over Me.” She also performed the Monk classic “Straight No Chaser.” Later in the evening, Ledisi performed with her band, Anibade. They performed songs from her current releases and upcoming release “Soulsinger Revisited” which is the repackaging of her successful “Soulsinger” album for national distribution by Tommy Boy Records. There were will be new songs included on the album and it will be in stores on 4/22.

8 Responses to “Vocal Seminar with Ledisi”

  1. kevinrscott says:

    i love ledisi…i got her cd a year or so ago from the UNSIGNED artist section at TOWER. been listening and loving it ever since!

  2. Antonio G says:

    “Soulsinger,” is a classic … As I take my final bow …

  3. nakachi says:

    i wanna go!
    ‘course i don’t live in the town, but still….

  4. Tubba says:

    “Take time to get away…”
    and on Tubba’s 30th B-Day, nonetheless.
    Is this a hint or what?
    LOL, luv ~t

  5. Ledisi, Ledisi, Ledesi… Those Patrice joints might be the butters, too.

  6. Robert Goins says:

    Ledisi, you are so beautiful!

  7. Kimberly Poullard says:

    I had the plasure of meeting Ms. Ledisi, she has to be one of the baddest vocalist of our time she is AWESOME !!!!!!A friend of mine told me about her and i saw and purchased her cd while i was in Osaka Japan working, I am a vocalist as well and when I put the cd in I was blown away her voice is like butta. I just wanted to tell the world about her everybody who love music much as me need to know this woman tis is real music with real music ths is what music should sound like!!

  8. curly says:

    i am a japanese singer in the making.
    Ledisi is only one that i wanna be!
    she is the greatest!

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