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Vocalist extraordinaire Cedric Brown will be performing his show, “I Swing Like That” with The 1150 Trio at the Jon Sims Center for the Arts in SF on Friday, April 18. This will be the last show in a series of three shows that Cedric has performed as artist-in-residence at the Jon Sims Center.

I attended his recent performance and Cedric was incredible. His voice and his narrative transformed the exposed painted brick room into a smoky, dimly lit jazz club in Harlem or Paris. His vocal stylings and choice of songs were impeccable. Anyone who can handle the Cannonball Adderley/Nancy Wilson classic “I’ll Never Marry” and Jobim’sDindi” in the same show definitely gets big props from me. The 1150 Trio never missed a beat as well. After the show, he solicited and received great feedback from the audience. I would suggest that you reserve your tickets in advance and get there early for the seats go fast for this shining star.

Actor Ted Lange in the hilarious comedy “The Dance On Widow’s Row” at the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre in SF running through April 13. This new comedy written by Samm-Art Williams is about Magnolia Ellis and her widow friends who have buried nine husbands between them and cashed in the life insurance policies. Rich and ready for love or more cashed in insurance policies, the ladies throw a part for the town’s rich and eligible bachelors. There are some great lines and I laughed from beginning to end.

Check out the KANU (University of Kansas) Jazz in the Night website for great links to jazz music, festivals, artists, and record labels. Thanks Dee!

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  1. David says:

    Ditto on the review of “The Dance on Widow’s Row.” With all the news of war and death, this was a welcome retreat into the lighter side of life. The Lorraine Hansberry Theater is an excellent venue and there’s not a bad seat in the house.

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