The James Carter Trio and David Murray @ Yoshi’s

James Carter – Saxophones
David Murray – Saxophones
Gerard Gibbs – Hammond B3 Organ and Keyboards
Leonard King – Drums
James Carter is the most versatile saxophone and clarinet player that I have seen. He showed this with saxophonist David Murray at Yoshi’s. He can make the saxophone wale, cry, moan, growl, bark, and shrill all in the same song. He puts all of his heart, soul and personality into his music. Veteran saxophonist David Murray, well known for his world music and a Berkeley native, handles his horn with precision and care. There is musical balance since Murray is not as rambunctious on his sax as Carter but yet very effective. There was reverence and mutual admiration between the two of them. Equally complimenting the trio were organist/keyboardist Gerard Gibbs, who could “scratch and claw” his Hammond B3 organ and drummer Leonard “Dr. Prof” King who kept the rhythm tight.
The set included “Along Came Betty“, “Gloria“, and “Odyssey.” The show closed with a funky David Murray tune tentatively titled “Sparkle.” At the end of the evening, Murray dubbed Carter “the boss of the tenor saxophone” which he definitely earned from the masterful handling of his instrument.

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  1. Sam says:

    Nice review. I’ve seen JC two or three times, and I’m constantly reminded of the versatility, range of motion he brings to the stage.

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