A Starr Shines Brightly….

Singer Edwin Starr, 61, died of a heart attack on Wednesday at his home in England. The Motown legend was born Charles Edwin Hatcher in Tennessee and was popular for the 1970 hit song “WAR” which earned him a Grammy. The song’s lyrics “War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.” profoundly ring true today just as they did during the Vietnam War. Starr most recently performed shows in Stuttgart, Germany.
The name ‘Starr‘ was suggested by Don Briggs, the manager of the Bill Doggett Combo with whom Edwin used to sing. On hearing Edwin’s voice he told him he would be a star one day and said Edwin should use the name Star with an extra ‘R’.
Read more about this shining Starr on his website, www.edwinstarr.info.

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