Being in the moment…

Woo hoo!!! This is my 100th blog entry!
On Sunday afternoon, I attended an Auditioning Techniques Workshop at The Jazzschool in Berkeley. We were taught by vocalist/songwriter/producer Ledisi.
After about 5-10 minutes, I got over the “Oh my God, it’s Ledisi” thoughts. She taught us about being “in the moment” which had nothing to do with anything technical or even the song. It was all about scanning the room and feeling out your surroundings, no matter where you were performing. We learned about dealing with the disease to please, being unprepared, being scared of rejection and conquering FEAR!!!

What is your purpose in life?

This was the question she asked us and explained that she has only partially answered this question for herself. She told us to think about this every day and when the answers come, write them down and make them golden. She shared her experiences with auditions and performing…the good and the bad. This was invaluable. We learned about being prepared for band, theatre, or studio auditions. She told us to come to the audition with three songs in your key. One up tempo, one slow, and one which you can sing a a cappella. We learned the importance of finding a song that you really feel good about and shows who you are. Also, how to think of something that gives peace and clarity when you are in your moment.
So was I prepared? Yes!!! Thanks to my choir director, I had my three songs ready but when my moment to sing came, I opted to sing an a cappella version of the Coots/Lewis standard “For All We Know.” So how did I do? Well, she told me I had a good voice, don’t be afraid to use accompaniment, and that I needed to focus on one point in the room. I tend to look all over the place. I actually would like to take some voice lessons later this year. I came away with three pages of valuable information on getting into the music business. For now, you will just find me in the choir stand at church but you just never know what the future holds. The Jazzschool is very cool as well and I would definitely like to go back there for additional classes.
Thank you Ledisi for sharing your wisdom and craft with us and much love and blessings to you for continued success!
Vocalist René Marie will be doing a vocal seminar at The Jazzschool this Sunday, May 4 from 12-2pm.

6 Responses to “Being in the moment…”

  1. shannita says:

    not mad at you at all! do yo’ thang james and keep rising! 🙂
    btw, i have a completely unrelated question. i (for once) have left over cookie dough for “the” cookies. do you know if it freezes well? i totally don’t feel like making anymore right now b/c i have no willpower whn it comes to cookies and i have some weight to shed before the summer begins.

  2. kevinrscott says:

    ok so how jealous am i?

  3. Divalipske says:

    I am so glad to hear that you are pursuing life!on it’s fullest levels. Pass along the notes about FEAR cause it ‘s a factor in my life.

  4. Gee says:

    I think that I have turned completely green with envy. You can just call me Kermit from now on.

  5. nakachi says:

    why you wanna tempt a sista to jump her lease and move to oakland?
    what a wonderful experience that must have been for you. you go, witcho sangin’ self!

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