Flashback Friday – Anita Baker “Rapture”

Anita Baker - Rapture

You bring me joy | When I’m down | Oh, so much joy | When I lose my way your love comes smiling on me | I saw your face | And them I knew | We would be friends | I was so afraid but your arms, they’d say `come to me’ |So I’d say to you | “Can we talk for a while?” | You’d say “alright” | When you love me, I smile | I feel you hands and you feel mine | You bring me joy – Anita Baker

Ahhhhh, the year was 1986. It was warm autumn evening in Chicago and we were going to see Anita Baker in concert at the Arie Crown Theatre. I do not remember if there was an opening act. From beginning to end, Anita was dazzling as she moved and grooved while she sang her sweet love. This was a much anticipated concert since we were already caught up in her “Rapture” album which was released earlier that year. She rocked, swayed, and glided through “You Bring Me Joy“, “Been So Long“, “Mystery“, “Sweet Love“, “Watch Your Step“, “Same Ole Love“, “Angel“, “You’re The Best Thing Yet“, “No One In The World” and other gems. We were captivated and mesmerized the entire evening. I even think we went back to the Arie Crown later in the year to be caught up in her rapture again.

Now it’s 2003 and Anita is coming to the Paramount Theatre in Oakland tonight. This is another much anticipated concert because I have not seen her perform live since 1995 nor heard any new music from her since 1998 when she recorded “Summertime” and “My Favorite Things” on Cyrus Chestnut’s self-titled release. I have read glowing reports in every city where she has performed since her return to take us into her rapture once more.

Come back tomorrow for the review….

7 Responses to “Flashback Friday – Anita Baker “Rapture””

  1. A.J. says:

    Have a great time James, you lucky bug!!!

  2. Antonio G says:

    Damn Damn Damn! I’m jealous … Enjoy yourself James.

  3. Gee says:

    Man, I know you’re AJ’s boyfriend but will you be mine too? 🙂

  4. Gee says:

    Oops, hope you have a great time at the show

  5. nakachi says:

    ooo, i can’t wait for that review!

  6. Tai says:

    I won’t be neglected, I won’t be denied…Anita Baker is so damn awesome…she moves my soul on so many levels…I wanna read the review

  7. laurie says:

    love the way that woman sings. Hope you enjoyed the show!

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