Flashback Friday – Stanley Turrentine “Hustlin'”

Stanley Turrentine - Hustlin'
Stanley Turrentine – Tenor Saxophone
Shirley Scott – Hammond B3 Organ
Kenny Burrell – Guitar
Bob Cranshaw – Bass
Otis Finch – Drums

You walk into your record store, you see this classic album and you think to yourself, “that looks like a classic album on the Blue Note label that I need to check out.” Okay, that was me thinking aloud again but it is definitely an album that you would want to have in your collection. It is the kind of album that shows you the strong foundation of some of today’s jazz music. Upon your first listen, you hear Stanley Turrentine handlin’ his tenor saxophone with loving care but then you wonder who is this swingin’ on the Hammond B3? It is none other than Shirley Scott, who was Turrentine’s wife during the 60’s. Hustlin’, recorded in 1964, was one of several albums on which this dymanic duo collaborated. You can definitely hear the love as she frames his saxophone so perfectly on each track. Adding to this great mix are Kenny Burrell playing a masterful guitar, Bob Cranshaw grooving on the bass, and Otis Finch keeping the rhythm flowing on the drums. Turrentine, Scott, and Burrell provide some great solos throughout the album. Tracks include “Trouble No. 2“, “Love Letters“, “The Hustler“, “Ladyfingers“, “Something Happens To Me” and “Goin’ Home.”

From the original liner notes, Ira Gitler writes:

“Stanley first attracted attention in Max Roach’s group; Shirley gained recognition in a combo with tenorman Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis. In the 60’s they joined musically, and followed by becoming man and wife. If their performance since then can be used as a yardstick, it certainly indicates a strong argument on favor of wedded bliss. Of course, the rapport that the two had from the beginning, which led to the closer alliance, has been further strengthened in a circle that is anything but vicious.”

Jazz is best heard with your heart and this album will definitely make your heart happy.

2 Responses to “Flashback Friday – Stanley Turrentine “Hustlin'””

  1. Gee says:

    Wow! This is definitely a flashback. The last time I saw that album cover I was 12 or 13 and my dad was packing up his stuff, including all of the best albums. I’m going to have to hunt this down.

  2. Jay Smooth says:

    Excellent! Stanley’s birthday was just last week I believe.
    As Hip-Hop’s Ambassador to the Blogosphere I should mention that Stanley Turrentine also blessed us with “Sister Sanctified”, one of Hip-Hop’s most revered breakbeats.

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