RH Factor’s New Groove…

Trumpeter Roy Hargrove’s band “The RH Factor” has a new album entitled “Hard Groove” which will be released on May 20. This is not your ordinary Hargrove album. Don’t worry, the mellow trumpet has just gotten a little funkier. “Hard Groove” is like a big ole pot of gumbo blending together sounds from jazz, hip-hop, rap, soul and funk with a stellar cast of musicians and vocalists helping to make it even more tasty.
Hargrove describes it in the liner notes:
This recording is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. The music is a representation of what can happen when people looking in the same direction get together, with dedication, focus, and positive spiritual energy.”
Sample Tracks:
I’ll Stay

8 Responses to “RH Factor’s New Groove…”

  1. Antonio G says:

    I’ll be waiting on that CD to drop —

  2. Ooh! Ooh! I am excited about this one.

  3. laurie says:

    Just listened to “I’ll Stay.” Excited doesn’t begin to cover it. Mmmmmmm! Tasty. Yes.

  4. sarah says:

    i’ll be interested to see how the street kids dig it

  5. Chris Thomas says:

    anyone know when this album is released in the UK and where it can be bought from?
    I heard on JazzFM that it’d was released on April 14 – but since then have heard nothing about it
    any ideas? the one track i heard was amazing.

  6. BMG says:

    This album is very hot
    one of the best full LPs ive heard in a long time

  7. kay says:

    It is all it’s promised. “Poetry” need I say anymore.

  8. ESQuire says:

    Just heard Poetry. Super-Duper Dope. Someone send me some promo vinyl to play!

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