Salt is here!!

Lizz Wright - Salt

Vocalist/songwriter Lizz Wright’s highly anticipated debut Verve release “Salt” is now in a record store near you. Send an e-card to tell your friends about this wonderful album. The first single will be “Blue Rose” which is a song Lizz wrote for her mother. Encourage your radio stations to play her music and let’s get the word out!!

For every mood, there is music. For every music, there is a mood.

Singer/songwriter Lizz Wright has created music for every mood. A song for every season in our lives. Her debut Verve album “Salt” touches every emotion in the soul and is just a finely crafted body of music. There is no overdubbing and overproduction here. There are no background vocalists. The musicians compliment her movements not overshadowing them with their own agendas. What you hear is quality, clarity, and a well-trained instrument of vocal precision and greatness. Under the watchful production eye of Tommy LiPuma, Brian Blade, and Jon Cowherd, this album has been created with the feel of a recording made years ago with attention to every detail yet, it is new, and brought to the present by this resonant voice.
Lizz elevates on a soulful groove with the Flora Purim classic “Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly.” She sings a melodic chant that is quite catchy and will have you singing along. The self-penned title track “Salt” pays homage to Donny Hathaway. Her bluesy, soulful phrasing conveys a message of believing in your dreams and never losing your salt. She is accompanied by a mean horn section of Derrick Gardner on trumpet, Vincent Gardner on trombone, Myron Walden on alto saxophone while Kenny Banks does double duty on the piano and Hammond B3 organ. Her vocals are intoxicating on her reading of “Afro Blue” as Danilo Pérez takes off in flight on a piano solo filling the song with latin rhythms. “Soon As I Get Home” from “The Wiz” seems so fitting as she sets off on her adventure in a brave new world of music. Her gospel roots are evident throughout this rich album but they especially shine as she brings new flavor to the traditional hymn, “Walk With Me, Lord.” On the next songs, she takes a slight but wonderful turn in the road. She goes deeper in your soul with reflective and thought provoking lyrics. In addition to “Salt“, she wrote the passionate “Eternity“, the smoldering “Fire“, and the beautiful “Silence” and co-wrote the introspective “Blue Rose” with Kenny Banks. Each of these songs display powerful emotions, spirit, and love and she delivers each of them magnificently. She brings us “Goodbye” and vocalizes poignantly about a love that has ended on the Rachmaninov/Edmonson/Medley piece “Vocalise/End of the Line.” Brian Blade contributes “Lead the Way” which also reflects on her musical journey and lets you know that love will guide her every step of the way.
The musicians brought the best of their craft to this album. In addition to their production and arrangement tasks, Jon Cowherd is featured on piano and fender rhodes and Brian Blade on drums and acoustic guitar. John Hart is featured on guitar, Doug Weiss on acoustic bass, Monte Croft on marimba and vibraphone, Jeff Haynes on percussion, Chris Potter on soprano saxophone, Terreon Gully on drums, Sam Yahel on Hammond B3 organ, and Adam Rogers on acoustic, electric and bottleneck guitars. “Eternity“, “Vocalise/End of the Line“, and “Blue Rose” are washed with a flood of cellos and violas.
Lizz’s music will stand the test of time for she sings from her heart and soul and is very present in her lyrics. It is very clear there’s nothing wrong about Lizz Wright. She will continue to grow and soar. Just like the salt in the stew, she brings us a whole lot of flavor. Enjoy Lizz and her music.
Update: Salt is #2 on the Contemporary Jazz charts. Go Lizz!!!

14 Responses to “Salt is here!!”

  1. Antonio G says:

    I’m waiting on the review Sir — But take your time … I understand

  2. George says:

    Good review. I didn’t know Brian Blade played guitar, too!

  3. Antonio G says:

    These types of reviews make it easy to pass the word on such excellent artists when folks haven’t a clue — I just got off the phone with a friend who asked if I knew who Goapele was — I laughed and said “Yes — You’re late.”

  4. charlie says:

    When are you coming to NYC??????????

  5. kevinrscott says:

    yea, when are you coming to nyc? there is a cool jazz pub on my block!

  6. Antonio G says:

    The good folks of NYC would like to know — When are you paying NYC a visit?

  7. RedHeadDread says:

    Another interested NY’er here.
    Plus Lizz Wright is going to be on WBGO this morning (Wednesday the 21st, 9AM Eastern time) with Gary Walker. Maybe will have it archived soon if you miss it?

  8. Karen Baker says:

    Your cd is excellent…the best that I’ve heard in a very long time!! I’m so glad that I found it in Tower Records this weekend! Your vocal talent in phenomenal! All of your songs ‘speak’ to my life on personal level.
    You’re a God-send….

  9. Cedric says:

    At first, I was only moderately impressed — at times it sounds like she’s a little (dare I say it?) unsure of what she’s singing. But I just can’t quit listening, now to the point where I’m a bonafide fan! Lizz has the vocal qualitiy similar to Oleta Adams and Lalah Hathaway, and these arrangements are splendid! Thanks J-Notes!

  10. towesi says:

    i wish i could express myself as well as you sing.

  11. Brian C. Lighty says:

    All I have to say is Norah who? Get the name WRIGHT or we will have to pour SALT in your eyes. What an amazing album, “Blue Rose” is unreal!

  12. Sheyla says:

    Hey Lizz:
    Your record sounds very good in my ear and i love the way you sings and the rhythm of your songs, pure jazz! I love your voice, sweet to say the true and one more thing i want to know, hardly I am beginning to knowing you and i am admiring so much you and i really love your beautiful voice!!
    Lizz Wright, The new and great jazz female vocalist!!!!
    Sheyla, From Spain

  13. Susana says:

    I’ve just discovered you from your new CD launch.
    For me it has been a wonderful gift. Your colour voice is my favourite. I have bought the CD but the Lyrics are not included. How can I get them?.
    Let me follow the lyrics of your amazing Album.
    Yours sincerely
    Susana from Spain

  14. sophie says:

    hi there,
    i am searching 4 the lyrics “goodbye” & “vocalise/end of the line”..
    i can`t find them anywhere.
    would be so great to have the possibility 2 sing these songs aswell..never as great as lizz, but still i am trying…
    greetz from sophie (germany)

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