The Chicago Experience…


I spent this past weekend in my hometown of Chicago visiting my mom, family and friends. I experienced every kind of weather expect snow and ice. We had rain, thunderstorms, cold, and hot temperatures. I went to some of my favorite food joints including Coleman’s Chicken & BBQ, White Castle hamburgers, Foodlife, and Leona’s. There are just too many places that stay open late so there is always some good stuff to enjoy. I also checked out Dusty Groove America and Dr. Wax Records and picked up some good tunes including Kem (thanks n.) and Ahmad Jamal. I hope to get caught up on music reviews over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

In other news….

From the Village Voice, “Hanging The Judge” discusses the firing of music critic Stanley Crouch from JazzTimes for his criticism of white jazz writers.

From the Riverfront Times, “High and (Dry) Fidelity” talks about local retailers in St. Louis facing tough times and coming up with new ways to combat slumping sales across the industry.

7 Responses to “The Chicago Experience…”

  1. kevinrscott says:

    i have that cd by Kem.

  2. nakachi says:

    oh, you’re welcome, love. glad you were able to pick up a copy.
    they still got white castle burgers back east? wow. talk about a flood of memories. those burgers *are* chicago in my mind.

  3. kevinrscott says:

    HEY…did i miss it or have you yet to feature RUSSELL GUNN on J-notes?

  4. Glad you made it to Dusty Groove.

  5. ronn says:

    I’m hoping to make it to Chicago for BEA this summer. Last time I didn’t get a chance to really explore the city.
    I thought sliders were a New York thang! đŸ˜‰
    And while I’m no fan of Stanley Grouch, er, Crouch, it’s a shame about his firing.

  6. Marsha says:

    The one and only time I visited Chicago I was there less than 48 hours. Day one featured near 80 degree temps and on day two we were looking for scarves and kicking snow around. I haven’t gone back because you know there’s no way I could possible pack correctly. Better just to stay home.

  7. Bernard says:

    I’ll be in Chicago this weekend…. so looks like I’ll have to follow in your footsteps…. see you sometime in the next week or so….

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