Enter to Win a Trip to New York City and Meet Lizz Wright!

Lizz Wright

Lizz Wright’s debut album Salt from Verve Music Group is in stores now! The album was co-produced by industry legend Tommy LiPuma, top jazz drummer/composer Brian Blade, and arranger Jon Cowherd. NY Daily News says “No young black jazz singer in recent memory has generated as much buzz as Lizz Wright.” Find out what all the talk is about while you enter to WIN a Trip for Two to New York City to see Lizz Wright in concert!!
CLICK HERE to listen to a track from Salt while you enter to WIN the Grand Prize of a Trip to New York City to see Lizz Wright in concert! And that’s not all… the First Prize Winner will receive a 15 MB iPod Portable Digital Music Player and the first 5,000 people to enter will receive a FREE CD sampler courtesy of Verve Music Group!!
Please be sure to listen to the Lizz Wright interview with Vince Outlaw from KSDS-88/The New Jazz Thing in San Diego. A special shout out to Vince for an outstanding interview.

6 Responses to “Enter to Win a Trip to New York City and Meet Lizz Wright!”

  1. nakachi says:

    that sista is hot to death. and i have you to thank for introducing me to her. i don’t think my ears will ever be the same.

  2. Gee says:

    I love the way someone said, after listening to Lizz Wright, “…Norah who?”

  3. Eternal Diva says:

    Well thank you again for sending the Salt CD my way. I listened to it as a partial (and vaguely commited) jazz convert, and I was able to appreciate the mastery this sista shows in handing out her music with confidence well based on skill. But, I’m still not sure I’m really into her style of singing, for me it was more background than foreground music. It faded from my immediate consciousness rather quickly while playing, I would be drawn in by the strident and strong notes but still I generally drift. All in all this one didn’t grow on me quite as quickly as Donnie did, but it definitely does have potential. Thanks for broadening my horizons once again Uncle.

  4. tubba says:

    I, too, was introduced to this amazing artist via j-notes. ‘cept that it was more of an ad-nausem intro. Ah yes, those days of “Lizz WrightLizzWrightLizzWright!!!” coming from mister j-notes himself. Hee! Oh I do have a point; the Apple Music Store (via iTunes4) has the entire album available for download purchase and for those non-Mac users, I found liquid.com/liquid audio version available for download purchase as well. Get thee over to liquid.com; the track “Salt” is available as a free (legit) download. Cheers!

  5. ronn says:

    I just I should expect to see you in town some time soon! 🙂

  6. linda says:

    it\’s look interesting. Thanks.

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