Flashback Friday – Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

The Players

Miles Davis – Trumpet
Julian “Cannonball” Adderly – Alto Saxophone
John Coltrane – Tenor Saxophone
Wynton Kelly – Piano on “Freddy Freeloader”
Bill Evans – Piano on all other tracks
Paul Chambers – Bass
James Cobb – Drums

The Tracks

1. “So What
2. “Freddie Freeloader
3. “Blue in Green
4. “All Blues
5. “Flamenco Sketches

The Facts

On March 2, and April 22, 1959, forty-five minutes of the most profound music in jazz history was recorded. Kind of Blue is considered the musician’s Bible. It is, one of, if not the best selling jazz albums of all time. This masterpiece was recorded in just two sessions and it is certified triple platinum. There isn’t much I could add to the praise that has already been given to the genius of Miles Davis and his music. The Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis presented an exhibit celebrating his 75th anniversary in 2001. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I spent 3 hours viewing photos and listening to audio that chronicled his life. After that, I wanted to buy every Miles Davis CD as well as every musician associated with him. Enjoy your music.

9 Responses to “Flashback Friday – Miles Davis – Kind of Blue”

  1. Gee says:

    My Mom always said that Miles was “just too strange for her taste” thank God this is one of the things that I didn’t inherit from her

  2. Gee says:

    And I almost forgot to thank you for starting my weekend off just right.

  3. YES!
    [that’s really all I need to say]

  4. shannita says:

    once again. you win! oh, and by the way… first read about kem here. well, today i picked it up. nice album. very nice album. thanks for the head’s up.

  5. gwen says:

    You know, it’s becoming a ritual, checking out j-notes on Friday then digging out the album. You have such good taste 😉
    p.s. saw this on Anil’s links, thought you’d enjoy: http://www.jass.com/

  6. e j says:

    i’ve been meaning to purchase Kind of Blue since…well, forever. you give me a good reason (and a kick in the shins) to do so. good for you.
    (and no, i have not forgotten about the Collard Green Festival…)

  7. Tai Edward Few says:

    I love this CD, this is classic Miles Davis

  8. I too am loving this CD… One of my favorites….

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