I just could not resist….

I know I mostly post information about music but these little factoids I just could not resist.

Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland is now open for business but by the crowds I have seen while driving past there, most of you know this already.

The slang-term ‘bling-bling’ has made its way into the latest edition of the Oxford Dictionary.

East Palo Alto, Ca. will be hosting their annual Collard Green Festival on July 19 and 20.

Okay, here is some music news….

The JSC Best of AIRspace Artists in Residence presents Cedric Brown in I SWING LIKE THATIn the Life, Into Jazz” with The 1150 Trio featuring Elise Giancola on piano, Glen Iwaoka on drums, Ralph Manak on bass and Duran Rutledge. Directed by Corey Davis. It will held on Friday-Sunday, June 13th-15th 8:00pm at the Jon Sims Center for the Arts in San Francisco. The cost is $10-$15 sliding scale, NOTA. Info & reservations: (415)554-0402 or www.jonsimsctr.org.

From the Washington Post, an in-depth article on our favorite songstress, “Anita Baker, Quietly Storming Back

From the Kansas City Star, “Hospitalized Vandross releases new album

By the way, we got to go backstage to meet Shirley Horn after her concert on Friday evening. I am still floating on a musical cloud. She is so cool and gracious. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and thanked her for her wonderful music. She also signed my CD cover. What’s ironic is that I saw her in concert for my first time a few weeks before my 30th birthday and now I am seeing her again just a couple weeks before my 40th birthday. Now that’s a nice early birthday present. Also, a really good friend, gave me another early present that I have dreamed about for years, “The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books“, a 16-CD box set. I screamed like a little kid on Christmas when I opened it. I just stare at it in amazement while I decide which songbook to play first. Thanks JS!!!

6 Responses to “I just could not resist….”

  1. nakachi says:

    i’m happy you were able to experience such a wonderful moment. wish i’d been there!

  2. shannita says:

    collard green festival?!? oh. my. i’m thinking a drive up north may be in order. and this fenton’s sounds like an incredible place. and how awesome was it that you met Shirley Horn? sounds like a great evening was capped off with a great memory. happy early birthday too. 🙂

  3. Antonio G says:

    Let the truth be told! I was on the phone when j-notes opened up his birthday gift and I thought someone was robbin’ the brotha … He screamed for a solid three/four minutes. I could tell he really enjoyed the gift.

  4. mjw says:

    Ooo James!
    I’ll meet you at Fentons. I’ll have
    a big ‘ol Black and Tan– with lots of
    whipped cream!

  5. Darni says:

    a collard geen festival!
    i’m green – towards your early b-day gift. miss otis regrets takes me away. every time i hear it whatever i’m doing, if i’m doing anything, i have to stop.

  6. Bernard says:

    Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy…. a collard green festival…. is it a bring your own hot sauce and vinegar event?? hahahahahahha.
    I’ll check out Fenton’s next visit…. if they don’t need more insurance money by then…. ooops.
    You’ll love that Ella box… I’ve heard some stuff from it… I may need to fly back out there for a listening party.

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