So much to say….

I know you have coming here the last few days and just wondering where’s the news? Where’s the reviews? What new music is out? What music got re-issued. Who is really running…LOL!!! Let’s just say the past couple of weeks have been quite busy for me but I do hope to catch up a little over the next couple of weeks. I will even have this week’s Flashback Friday entry posted on Friday morning. Thanks for the love and your continued support. In the meantime, enjoy your music.

2 Responses to “So much to say….”

  1. shannita says:

    it’s all good. we know you’ll come correct in your own time. besides, there’s no hard fast rule that says you have to post every single day. 🙂 that said, i’d love to see what you thought of the BET awards. (my 2 cents? james brown, beyonce f/jay-z and JMJ tribute were hot, ashanti and lil kim weren’t)

  2. Antonio G says:

    Li[es]za Minelli — I want to speak with Management! I’ve been keeping track and the folks over at have been slippin’ … I miss the days of two/three posts a day … Word on the skreets street is is celebrating a birthday tomorrow … Rumor has it that is trying go out with a big celebration on Thursday!

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