The Birthday Roundup…

I thank everyone who made my 40th birthday a very special day. Whether, it was lunch, dinner, a phone call, a card, a blog entry or a comment, I am very grateful for you being in my life and sharing this moment.
My birthday was restful and fun. We went to The View for drinks which has a wonderful view overlooking San Francisco from the 39th floor of the San Francisco Marriott. We then went to dinner at Maya which specializes in modern Mexican cuisine. The dinner and dessert were wonderful. Great chips and guacamole too!
The rest of the weekend was laid back. Birthday presents to self included a few needed items from IKEA and I purchased my first DVD player. Okay, stop laughing and welcome me into the new millennium.
On Monday, I had lunch with the ever so knowledgeable George and later did a little biking in the neighborhood. Biking 6 miles is so much easier in the morning than in the evening but I am determined to conquer the hills this summer.

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  1. lynne says:

    Happy Belated Birthday J. And I’m so jealous you got to meet George in the flesh.

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