Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan
Sometimes you see something so special, that all you can think of is the greatness of the moment. The birth of a child, falling in love, a perfect sunset, and of course, good music. I found this rare photo a while back and had been saving it for a special occasion and then I thought, what better time than now. I present to you the grand ladies of song….Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan.

16 Responses to “Greatness…”

  1. Solomon says:

    Nice Picture…Wonderful Website. 🙂

  2. shannita says:

    what an awesome photo! absolutely beautiful!

  3. Joey says:

    Great photo!

  4. Gee says:

    Such BEAUTY! I NEED both of those dresses. Of course, in my ever so social life (HA,HA,HA) I guess I would just end up playing dress up with my daughter!

  5. kevinrscott says:

    do you know where it was taken? what year?

  6. Bernard says:

    Kev, you forgot to ask James where he was standing when they took the picture *running and ducking the shoe that was thrown*

  7. Donald says:

    I am so amazed at this! This is so amazing! I don’t even have the words! Such excellence! Such elegance! Damn!!!!

  8. e j says:

    (see these are the divas that i don’t have an inkling of a clue about)….

  9. nakachi says:

    oh, to have been at THAT concert!

  10. Joey says:

    “… ask James where he was standing when they took the picture …”

  11. Jim says:

    Judging by the dresses and hairstyles, I would guess that this picture was taken in the late 50’s. I never saw Ella in person, but when I saw Sarah for the first time, it was 1973 at Symphony Hall in Boston. It was the same year of her first Live In Japan album where she was sporting the big Afro wigs and flowing kimonos. I would love to see the photograph I once saw of Sarah, Roberta Flack, and Aretha Franklin on stage together. Now, that would be one as fabulous as this. Thanks James.

  12. Key says:

    Wow! So wonderful Picture. I have been looking for this one! Thanks a lot..

  13. Kaiser says:

    Oh, thank you so much! It’s great! Ella and Sarah…Together…great!!!

  14. moises (Brasil) says:

    linda foto!!!!!

  15. Isabel says:

    Nice Photo!
    Do you know more about the picture? I saw another of the same event and would like to know more about when and where. Thanks in advanced

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