Let the music move you…

Music is powerful. On any given Sunday morning, music lifts people to a higher place but what about jazz tune?
Does it lift your soul and take you there?
Does it bring you to tears?
Does it knock you to your knees?
Does it bring a smile to you?
I ask you, what song has lifted your soul?
I was driving into work this morning and listening to the up-tempo “Barrio” track from George Benson’s release Absolute Benson. I love this song not only because of George’s masterful guitar playing and his slick crooning but the ladies on the background vocals lift you from the barrio to an island paradise with their breezy, soulful chants. For just a few minutes, the music took me away and I was full of emotion or was that just my hot chocolate?
We will be flashing back somewhere in time tomorrow and also lookout for the upcoming series on my musical adventures at last weekend’s 46th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival.
Let the music move you…

2 Responses to “Let the music move you…”

  1. js says:

    Quite a few actually, but two songs that always give me a lift are Joe Sample’s “The Road Less Travelled” and Earl Klugh’s “The Traveller.”

  2. Gee says:

    Many, many many songs. Actually too many to list them all. However, you’re scaring me again. I was just listening to George Benson yesterday. Love his rendition of “The Ghetto”. I also spent some time yesterday making a compilation of music that reminds me of my mother. Tomorrow is her 50th birthday and I just wanted to add a little something special to her gift.

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