Three Mo’ Tenors re-christened Cook, Dixon and Young

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The Three Mo’ Tenors have been re-christened Cook, Dixon and Young, effective immediately. Largely considered by many to be the Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras of the African-American community, Cook, Dixon and Young have over 40 years combined experience, and have appeared in major concert halls and opera houses around the world. In 2001, the trio released a self-titled disc via RCA Records. According to a spokesperson, the name change was imperative–preceded by a series of events that shocked and angered the group. The tenors discovered that one of their former producers, Brenda Trawick, and her booking agency, Trawick Artists, were allegedly collecting deposits for engagements they had not been made aware of. In what seems like some 1970’s music industry name-trademark drama, the group discovered that Trawick, along with the other former producers, Marion J. Caffey and Willet Klausner, were allegedly planning to franchise the name, Three Mo’ Tenors. Along with the new name, comes a new and improved show (featuring new repertoire, choreography, and a new look), and new management, CD Enterprises, Inc.

Update: Please check the Fred Hughes Tour Schedule for information on Cook, Dixon, & Young’s upcoming performances including their 07/24/04 concert at Millennium Park in Chicago.

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  1. ronn says:

    Donald hipped me to TMT and I’ve been hooked ever since. It saddens me that something like this could happen, but on a positive note, I’m sure the fellas will handle their biz well.

  2. Pandora says:

    the guys will/have handled this with incredible class and dignity as always. Their reputation in this business is valid and powerful and all were standing before and will continue to. Thomas Young alone brings 30 years in the business and was really the inspiration for 3MT in the first place.

  3. Elaine Mack says:

    This may interest you. I am a professional cellist and writer trying to locate Mr. Trent-Cook and Mr. Young to interview them for a book I am writing about black concert artists. Would it be possible for you to help me contact them c/o their new management company? It’s interesting that in trying to locate them through their former management (Trawick Artists), I found not only your wonderful website, but read this terrible story about the deceit and deception in the world of so called “professional” management. Fortunately however, it seems that these artists have managed to land on their feet. Keep up the good work with your site. I promise to let my buddies know about it.

  4. Leary Cloer says:

    Wonderful but sad news. I pray that C.,D.,and Y. will continue to stand tall and share their wonderful voices. Sad when management lets greed and ego guide their operation.
    Please advise me how to contact C.,D., and Y. for a Community Concert.

  5. L.T. Dugue says:

    I’ve seen these guys four times and I just love them. I’m sorry too about their problems with their former agent, but I’m sure they are still making people hear them with their beautiful music. I do kinda miss their old web site…until some of the postings got a little messy. But it did keep me up to date as far as their concerts were concerned. Sure would like to see a schedule of their concerts if anyone out there can help.

  6. Pandora says:

    you can contact their booking agency – William Morris Agency – for upcoming events.

  7. Ed Patterson says:

    I want to find out how I can purchase a Threemotenors DVD

  8. Pandora says:

    DVDs still available on

  9. Pandora says:

    CD&Y also have a great medley that they arranged on T.D.Jakes’ Follow the Star – they complete the 13 track album. Beautiful vocals that gospel choirs will want to copy! This is on too!

  10. SEABE GAVIN says:


  11. Pandora says:

    contact their booking agency
    William Morris Agency NYC
    Happy Holidays

  12. AJ says:

    WOW…how cool is this! At last a place where the fans of the former 3MT guys can share experiences. I have heard they are going to be in Memphis in April…if this is true, I am going to be there with bells on. What an incredible treasure of talent these gentlemen are, singularly and collectively. I used to follow the 3MT forum and very much miss all the chatter, especially from those who had just seen a show and were still on the high. I will be checking back in here from time to time to see if any of the old names show up…I do remember James (if it is the same James) and Pandora. Good to see you again. Happy New Year all

  13. VS says:

    Does anyone know if there are any performances scheduled for 2004 anywhere in Florida?

  14. Robbin says:

    Does anyone know how old Victor Trent Cook is?

  15. RaRa says:

    Any clues as to when the 2004 performance schedule becomes available?

  16. Bill Walker says:

    Where can I get some info on C D and Y

  17. CB says:

    Anyone know why the May 9th 2004 concert at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA was canceled? Are they planning to have another one in GA?

  18. James says:

    The only scheduled show that I have seen listed for CD&Y is this Sunday, May 9 at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.

  19. Audrey says:

    Saw the Kimmel Center show yesterday and they blew the doors off! Looking forward to their new show.

  20. MM says:

    Kimmel Center Performance
    Can anyone give any details about CD and Y’s performance at the Kimmel Center on May 9, 2004?
    What songs did they perform? Was it with a small band or orchestra? What were the highlights in your opinion?
    Thanks for any news you can share.

  21. Audrey says:

    In the Kimmel Center performance, the songs were basically the same as the ones on the PBS performance, but the sequence was changed, e.g. all of the operatic numbers were up front. I recall at least one new song; Cook did “What Kind of Fool am I.” They got a standing o, and the audience did get them to come back out for an encore. For the encore they did the gospel medley and all three sang (what I call the tenor’s anthem-I can’t recall the exact title. In the PBS performance Rod Dixon sang it solo). They had what I would describe as a small orchestra, along with their touring band (pianist, drummer and rhythm section). The highlight for me was watching the reactions of people who had never seen or heard them before (including one of our guests), especially when Mr. Dixon belts out some of his operatic notes; tremendous power and control, and obviously much more impact “live!” It was just over too soon.

  22. Audrey says:

    Almost forgot. There was another new song at the Kimmel Center performance, Thomas Young sang “Send in the Clowns” – very unusual arrangement too, but of course, he made it work!

  23. Johnny B says:

    seen these guys twice cant get enough!can anyone tell me if the 3mt are going to be touring in the tri-state area or any place on the eastern seaboard?

  24. MM says:

    Thanks for replying to my questions. I appreciate your taking the time to do so.
    Glad you enjoyed the show.

  25. Mark says:

    Is there a schedule for 2004 posted anywhere? I’m in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and would like to see them this year.

  26. MM says:

    I think a few new concert dates can be found on
    the William Morris Agency site. That link is: Hope this helps!

  27. MM says:

    One more note…
    When you go to the William Morris site to check for dates, make sure you look for Cook, Dixon, and Young instead of Three Mo’Tenors.
    In fact, I think it reads Cook, Dixon, and Young, formerly known as Three Mo’ Tenors.
    As I understand it, there are three other men now performing under the name Three Mo’ Tenors. These men are not Victor Trent Cook, Rodrick Dixon, or Thomas Young.

  28. johnnyb says:

    thanx for the info MM . i contacted 3MT’s agency (wma) and they directed me to a person in LA? any other place to look for 3MT concerts? anybody help? i need to impress a special someone with these guys! thanx!!!!!

  29. Pandora says:

    I’d suggest that you just keep checking WMA agency website. Also you can check – Fred is their conductor and he has updated concert dates;
    Remember that CD&Y are preparing a new show and you can’t be out on the road AND rehearsing – the rehearsing comes first!! Good luck!

  30. AJ says:

    Well, I’ve looked at and fred’s website and I don’t see any upcoming concerts listed. So, are they going to be in SoCal anytime soon? San Diego would be best, but I’ll make the run up the coast to LA if I have to. And, someone mentioned a new show. Any idea when CD&Y will be putting that on the road? I’ve worn out my DVD and need a fix.

  31. fm says:

    Thanks, Pandora, for all the information you give. However, the email address for CD&Y’s itinerary is
    Do you happen to know where in L.A. CD&Y will be performing on July 6?

  32. fm says:

    The /0/ in the address is a zero.

  33. Pandora says:

    CD&Y are performing for an event at the Kodak Theatre in LA on July 6th – it’s on Fred Hughes’ website on schedule page.Am not sure if it’s public – but you can click the link from Fred’s page. Thanks fm for picking up my typos – sorry about that!

  34. Pandora says:

    Oops – Fred doesn’t have that link yet…if you search google and put in “cook dixon young kodak theatre” you’ll get to the link!

  35. Pandora says:

    Fred now has the link on his schedule page! Sorry for the confusion! and click on schedule page.

  36. James says:

    Their upcoming performance at the Kodak Theatre in LA on July 6 will be part of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Boule 2004.

  37. Dee says:

    I have known Mr. R. Dixon since he was 13 years old. I used to go to his father’s church and sing in the choir that Roderick directed. He has a wonderful family and so is he.Most of his immediate family members sing. Mr. Dixon is and always has been a fantastic gospel and opera singer. I am proud of him and all of his accomplishments. I can’t wait until the trio comes back to New York at the Beacon or possibly Carnegie Hall. He has the same humble and sweet spirit. Fame has not changed him one bit.

  38. Aprile says:

    from what I hear all THREE men are incredibly real and wonderful human beings. It’s great to see such talent and responsibility and spirit times 3!!!! I wish them ALL success and love and happiness – they deserve it threefold!

  39. April says:

    My husband and I attended a performance at the Civic Opera House in Chicago on June 27. I was so disappointed to hear the restrictions their former managers were trying to put on them. They didn’t want them to appear on stage together for six years!!!! It appears these gentlemen aren’t stopping!! Good luck to them and whenever they’re in Chicago we’ll be there.

  40. Aprile B says:

    I hear they are coming back to Chicago the end of July? Anybody know anything? I am just so glad they are together and not letting stupidity and legal issues get in the way of their artistry and human-ness. Obviously the “other side” doesn’t get it!

  41. Renee says:

    I first saw CD&Y on Pbs and was blown away! Then my husband treated me to a live performance in Princeton,NJ and I was floored! I have never seen so much talent on one stage. I’ve been looking for them for some time now and am so happy to have come across your site. thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’m going to try these links now to see if I can find a concert schedule.

  42. johnnyb says:

    Hi Renee seen CD&Y on PBS too originally and those guys put an instant smile on my face! Ive never been so impressed by any group just by seeing them on TV.Seen these guys twice since PBS and i cant wait to see them again. if yopu come up with any info when they are playing in the new york tristate area would you let me know thanx again.

  43. Pandora says:

    no concert schedule per se yet…check with Fred Hughes’ site – he’s their conductor and anything that is absolutely confirmed with be there…don’t get confused with the OTHER amateur 3MoTenors group – I believe they play NJ sometime in the fall.

  44. gardo says:

    CD&Y are a musical treasure! One of my missions in life is to see CD&Y live… PLEASE post any appearances in NJ, NY, PA, DE in the next six months.

  45. Devine1spr92 says:

    I am a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorortiy, Inc. and we had the pleasure of having Cook, Dixon and Young perform at our Grand Boule’ at the Kodak in LA. They were awesome as usual!

  46. RaRa says:

    Does anyone know when CD&Y will be in Michigan???
    I just have to see them live!!!!

  47. Pandora says:

    CD&Y knocked it out at the Kodak earlier this month! Zeta had a true thrill!!

  48. edna berry says:

    Please let me know when CD&Y will be in the Md/DC/Virginia area

  49. Aprile says:

    Saw these guys with the CSO at the gala in Chicago opening Millennium Park. WOW! they look great sound amazing and are professional through and through. what a blessing!

  50. Pandora says:

    Chicago was truly amazing – all three were stunning – Mr. Young’s cadenza in “La Donna” was truly breathtaking – and his “Send in the Clowns” was particularly poignant…

  51. Barbara Mason says:

    The new “Three Mo Tenors” are amateurish and a poor substitute for the magnificent Cook, Dixon and Young. I hope they will soon have a full schedule. In addition, their pianist, Alvin Waddles is the greatest. He is truly awesome.

  52. Gina says:

    I have been trying to find out a schedule for CD& Y since they changed management and the website was closed. I am hoping to get information on them through this site. If anyone knows if they will be coming to Connecticut, plllease let me know. “Three Mo’Tenors” is coming in September, (no picture in the ad like before) but I know that they are not the original. No disrespect, and I wish them luck, but it is going to be hard to fill the shoes of CD&Y. The sad thing is if people do not know things have changed they will buy tickets and be disappointed not to see the originals. It is an unfortunate situation for the new guys.

  53. RaRa says:

    Hurray! Concert dates are finally coming. CD&Y are scheduled to perform in Memphis 10/2. I’m sure more dates are on the way.

  54. L. Vaughan says:

    Where can we find CD&Y in the New York, New Jersey area and when? I have never been so impressed with a performance as I was with their TV show in 2003. and I love the CD. I see the new group (young men) are in Princeton, but I want to see the “real thing:.

  55. Dee Stoddard says:

    My husband and I drove over 1200 miles to see Cook, Dixon and Young in concert at The Cannon Center in Memphis, TN on October 2, 2004.
    I spent some of the most memorable moments of my life watching and listening to these three gentlemen. …such awesome talent. I left the concert in a daze. The drive was well worth it and I would do it again…. with out hesitation.
    My husband and I can not wait to see them again.

  56. Dee Stoddard says:

    Saw Cook, Dixon and Young in Memphis, TN on Oct. 2, 2004. They were fantastic!! Had the wonderful opportunity to meet them after the show and take pictures. They are among the most gracious of men.

  57. Deborah says:

    Who are their booking agents? My theatre is interested in possibly having them play here but information is hard to come by. If anyone knows the Name, Address, Phone Number, or Email address, I would greatly appreciate it. Or pass my email on to the booking agency.

  58. RaRa says:

    Hi Deborah. Cook, Dixon and Young’s booking agent is the William Morris Agency. Their website address is

  59. Pandora says:

    you Boston area fans…Thomas Young is singing with the Philharmonic tonight and tomorrow after noon – Mahler’s “Das lied von der erde”

  60. Dee Stoddard says:

    For booking concerts contact:
    Darryll Brooks
    CD Enterprises, Inc.
    7531 Leesburg Pike, Suite 200
    Falls Church, VA 22043
    Phone: 703-734-0088

  61. Johnny B says:

    can anyone tell me where and when Cook, Dixon and Young are playing next? Fred Hughes site is offering nothing on the trio….

  62. Pandora says:

    Johnny B- CD&Y are performing “Too Hot to Handel” in Detroit December 21 and 22; and in Chicago January 15 & 16. Keep your eyes posted – they will be back SOON!

  63. Tibbs says:

    Citizen Newspaper and all concerned citizens-
    As I browsed the pages of the November 10th edition of the Citizen newspaper (Chicago), I noticed an advertisement for the anticipated performance of the Three Mo’ Tenors to be held at the Ford Center for Performing Arts (Chicago), November 16-21, 2004.
    Please be advised as you may want to inform your many readers and fellow colleagues that the trio currently performing under the name of Three Mo’ Tenors at the Ford Center (November 16-21, 2004) are NOT the actual world re known and acclaimed Three Mo’ Tenors. The world re known, true trio, are Rodrick Dixon, Thomas Young, and Victor Cook. Although the picture displayed in the Citizen newspaper is that of the ORIGINAL Three Mo’ Tenors (Cook, Dixon, Young)…they are NOT the trio who will actually be performing.
    Quite disheartening and disappointing, however, few people are NOT aware of the SERIOUS and HEATED court battle that is currently going on between the ORIGINAL Three Mo’ Tenors (Cook, Dixon, Young) and this replicated group who is/has been performing under the name of Three Mo’ Tenors.These three young men have mocked not only the sounds and songs, but also the wardrobe of Cook, Dixon, Young.
    As a friend of Cook, Dixon, Young I would like to let others know what’s going on. I could not continue to sit and watch the mocked performances of the pseudo-Three Mo’ Tenors this morning on Channel 9 (Monday, November 15, 2004) without saying something.
    Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. has also been made aware of this matter and has been working with Dixon, Young, and Cook. As the case is still in court, Rod, Tom and Victor have been performing under the name of Cook, Dixon, Young.
    It is indeed unfortunate that many persons are/have purchased tickets under the pretense of seeing the extraordinary performances of the Original Three Mo’ Tenors (Cook, Dixon, Young).

  64. Harry says:

    Went to Ford Theatre in Chicago. The ads showed CD&Y. The act was a poor substitute attempting to portray greatness. They failed. They failed.

  65. RaRa says:

    The talents of Mr. Cook, Mr. Dixon and Mr. Young are phenominal. However, Mr. Cook also has an exciting air about him. Does anyone know how old/how tall he is?

  66. Ambria says:

    I sat in the Ford Theater for over a half hour in complete and total disbelief that I had been swindled into spending an entire day traveling to Chicago specifically to see the orignal Three Mo’ Tenors only to find 3 people I had never seen or heard of before. I pitched such a fit and demanded an explanation as to why the audience was not told when attempting to purchase tickets that these other men would be performing. I was told that announcements were made on a Chicago radio station. Excuse me, but I don’t live in Chicago. How were those of us who traveled far and wide to know? I certainly would have stayed at home! WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! WHAT A SUCKER PUNCH! WHAT A SHAMEFUL SCAM!

  67. sheldon says:

    We had friends over to see the PBS dvd for the third time this week. Happy to see that the group remained intact even after all the management problems. Please send future concert date information. My wife and I would go anywhere in Caifornia to see CD&Y( but somewhere in the LA area would be Great!!!)

  68. Shuz says:

    this is horrible and unfortunately predictable. These people – primarily Willette Klausner and Marion J. Caffey – have told lies etc about CD&Y to try to stop them from singing. Klausner obviously has a publicist who is trying to make her a star – a producer a star??? what?!?!!? she knows NOTHING about the tenor voice nor the african-american tenor struggle in the classical field. She and Caffey still believe their “concept” is larger than the talent and when their “concept” doesn’t go well they go after CD&Y again. I was at the first workshop back in the late 90s and heard from Caffey’s lips that the inspiration to do this show was Thomas Young because of his versatility in so many genres and because Thomas wasn’t heard enough. Thomas Young was the prototype for this so-called “concept” and the show was built around his abilities. Sadly, this seems to have been “forgotten”!! Funny, I heard it clear as day…CD&Y will continue because they are artists, fine men and fine human beings with integrity and honesty and ethical responsibility. You will hear from THEM soon – and as for the “Concept” – maybe it’s time to cut one’s losses and deal with reality.
    Food for thought!

  69. James says:

    Editor’s Note: This review was not placed here to cause a riot but to provide a different opinion on the recent performance.
    Chicago Tribune
    November 18, 2004
    `Mo’ Tenors’ offers more variety and more style
    By Richard Covello
    Special to the Tribune
    The show playing this week at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts/Oriental Theatre may be called “Three Mo’ Tenors,” but it’s actually a tale of several more.
    The first three are, of course, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti, whose success in “The Three Tenors” concerts were the inspiration for “Three Mo’ Tenors”–classically trained African-American singers who perform in various styles.
    But the original Three Mo’ Tenors now perform as Cook, Dixon and Young, reportedly after disputes with their management.
    A new set of producers has franchised the name and created a show featuring, at the opening Tuesday, Ramone Diggs, Kenneth Gayle and Marvin Scott. But wait: there are three more Three Mo’ Tenors: James Berger, Duane A. Moody and Victor Robertson alternate throughout the week with the first group to provide vocal relief.
    With all that, it’s impossible not to like the show. A nearly full house at the Ford Center cheered and stomped in delight, and for good reason. The piano accompanist, Victor Simonson, also led a combo, seated on stage, of synthesizer, bass, sax and drums. A choral group joins the soloists for a rousing gospel finale.
    The variety of performers suggests a variety of musical styles, which is exactly what you get. The tenors offer opera, Broadway hits, blues, jazz, spirituals, soul, even hip-hop–convincing in all genres.
    The word opera was not on the Ford Center marquee, though there was ample room for it. As for style, the voices of Carreras, Domingo and Pavarotti were recognizably theirs whatever style they were singing in. But the voices and personalities of the Three Mo’ Tenors were transformed as they entered each style–different from their opera offerings but always engaging. Opera, coming at the beginning of the show, included “La donna e mobile” from “Rigoletto,” done whimsically in the style of the original Three Tenors in that the single vocal line was divided among the trio. Solo arias from “Tosca” and “Manon” and a Rachmaninoff song performed in Russian followed.
    With the serious stuff out of the way, matters became very light. Homage was paid to Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller, Gladys Knight and the Pips and others. Although the show runs under two hours, with one intermission, you get your money’s worth.

  70. Shuz says:

    James – I don’t think it’ll cause a riot. And I don’t think anybody wishes any ill on these guys! What people are irritated about is the mis-leading the so-called producer/director of this “3MT” thing are doing by using the success of Cook Dixon & Young and playing it to promote themselves and the talent they are bringing through. My sources tell me these poor guys are being treated poorly too – hope they get out quick! Ultimately Cook Dixon & Young will continue to be the artists they are – individually and collectively; and the others will be the others; producers come and go – true talent rises above all of that.

  71. Kris says:

    I am incensed! I bought tickets for my parents to go see Three Mo Tenors. They are huge fans of the original three gentlemen. Imagine their disappointment when they arrived to see three other men on stage performing. My mom was crushed and I felt like I was robbed of a large sum of money. What those producers are doing is highway robbery. There’s nothing wrong with franchising that name if that’s what they want to do but pictures of the original 3 men should NOT be included in advertising for those concerts!

  72. Tibbs says:

    As a recap to Shuz and Kris, the thrust of the plight lies in the matter of PRINCIPLE. To borrow from Kris, “there’s nothing wrong with franchising that name if that’s what they want to do BUT” pictures of the originals (Rod, Thomas, and Victor) MUST NOT be included within the marketing. ” That is just down right scandalous and unprofessional. This seems to be a prime example of casebook IDENTITY theft. Can Mr.Caffey and his current trio NOT gather enough support on their own without borrowing (stealing) the faces, style, and attire of CD&Y (Rod, Thomas, and Victor).
    “Everthing done in darkness, will come to light.”
    With Rod, Thomas, and Victor being the christian men that they are, God will protect and provide for them. They are prevailing, as we speak.

  73. Shuz says:

    FYI – Detroit Opera House – Too Hot to Handel Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd featuring Cook Dixon & Young!!!!!!!!!!

  74. mimi says:

    Did anybody see Too Hot to Handel in Denver this weekend? Or Messiah? Mr. Thomas Young starred! Fab fab fab!!

  75. Pandora says:

    Keep your eyes open for PBS Great Performances 2005 Spring/late Winter (Marchish!) for the NEW SHOW!!! It was recorded in NYC December 11th and is unbelievable! Shows the guys truly as “Cook Dixon & Young” – their talent, gifts and personalities are in high gear and you are gonna love it!

  76. Maria says:

    WOW! The Detroit Opera House was filled 2 nights to listen to Too Hot to Handel and CD&Y!!! Amazing! Stunning! Everybody left in the holiday spirit and were thrilled! Can’t say enough!

  77. DeBorah says:

    I was introduced to the sounds and style of Cook, Dixon, and Young by a friend in LA. I have been mesmerized ever since. Please let me know where they will be performing in ANYTHING! in 2005. They are definitely worth the drive or flight if necessary. They are truly phenomenal and substitutes are not appreciated. My daughters almost bought tickets for the new 3MT until I told them they were imposters. Please keep us informed and much success to C,D,& Y.

  78. Shuz says:

    FEBRUARY 22, 2005!!!! Arista will release COOK DIXON & YOUNG VOLUME 1 -watch for it!
    check your local PBS listings for March 2005 for the new show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. AJ says:

    Shuz…thanks for the heads up on the CD. I did a quick search and the CD can be pre-ordered on the Barnes & Noble website. I’ve already placed an order for me and a couple of my friends. To quote a very young friend of mine “Oh, happy day!”

  80. Shuz says:

    Excellent!!!! pre-order pre-order!!! Check too just in case – or let them know they better have some too! Check PBS local listings in your area!!

  81. Sage says:

    Posted by Maria at December 23, 2004 05:21 PM
    Quote: “WOW! The Detroit Opera House was filled 2 nights to listen to Too Hot to Handel and CD&Y!!! Amazing! Stunning! Everybody left in the holiday spirit and were thrilled! Can’t say enough!”
    Maria, I also saw the Detroit show on 12/22/04, and share the same sentiment. After seeing them when the PBS special was first aired, I was determined to see Cook, Dixon and Young although I had missed them when they came as “Three Mo’s Tenors.” I also took a friend and two teenage nieces (Diehard Rap fans) whom to my surprise were totally excited by the entire show. It was a memorable performance that I will never forget. I recently bought the DVD, and will be looking forward to getting their new recording along with their previous work.

  82. AJ says:

    Our local PBS station FINALLY has a little advance information about CD&Y. There is not an exact air date yet, but a read of the copy makes it seem like this new presentation will also be a blend of different genre. Just hope there will be a DVD available as well as the CD. Shuz? Pandora? ANYONE able to give a just a teeny clue as to what we can expect???? 🙂

  83. Pandora says:

    hi! new show is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! MANY different genres! Thomas sings a love song (it’s wonderful); Verdi and Handel; some fabulous ensemble numbers and even a little Aretha!! And even spoken word…CD AND DVD will be available from RCA/Arista Feb 22 or March 8th – pre-order at Barnes and Noble already and I think Amazon is on board too; YOU ARE GONNA LOVE IT – the show is truly wonderful – more depth and breadth and the guys sound amazing and are inspiring as always!

  84. godzgrl says:

    I cannot believe I was in New York Dec 11 and did not know that they were recording the new show!!!
    Do they have a “fan-club”? I am asking because I want to figure out how to get them to the Atlanta area. Or maybe start up one here myself.
    As of today I did not see anything on for the new recordings.

  85. godzgrl says:

    Press release regarding upcoming PBS airing March 13

  86. Shuz says:

    ah the saga continues!!! EVERYONE PLEAZZZZZZZZZZ email or call the address/phone on the press release in godzgrl’s post – PBS has pulled CD&Y from the March release which is so ridiculous!! Ask why; DEMAND answers! Cowards! But let’s get the public involved and make some changes!!! PBS is sitting on a gold mine and the public wants to see this show!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell everyone you know to email or call – let’s take a stand on this stupidity!!!

  87. James says:

    Special Update: The Cook, Dixon & Young GREAT PERFORMANCES appearance has been pulled from the upcoming show schedule for March 2005. No reschedule date has been provided and no further information is available at this time. You may email or call Great Performances via the following contact information:
    Great Performances
    450 West 33rd Street
    6th Floor
    New York, NY 10001
    (212) 560-3000
    Web site:
    Publicity Contacts:
    Name: Bill Grayson
    Phone: 212.560.3053
    Name: Dara Bostick
    Phone: 212.560.3034

  88. Pandora says:

    CD&Y in Columbus in April! All you Ohio fans are in for a treat!

  89. Pandora says:

    just FYI – the Three Mo’ Tenors date in Akron Ohio on April 16th is NOT Cook Dixon & Young even though google links you up with the Akron Beacon Journal and voila – there are CD&Y’s picture and article…false advertising AGAIN!!!!
    CD&Y fans need to travel to Columbus on the same date…to see the real CD&Y! (see above for the link for THAT real concert!)

  90. RaRa says:

    Sorry guys. The CD&Y performance scheduled for April 16 in Columbus, Ohio is being rescheduled.

  91. Regina Smith-Hurst says:

    I have been to Books & Borders trying to purchase the CD & Y Volume 1 CD and apparently it is unavailable. When will it be released? Will the PBS show be re-scheduled? I have not seen them since their last appearance in Connecticut and have found it difficult to find out appearance information since they signed with William Morris. I have the TMT CD and DVD to get me through, but I reaaallly miss seeing them live. Please help me with some appearance dates and the CD release date. Thanking you in advance!!

  92. Pandora says:

    sorry – the Columbus date has been cancelled/rescheduled…
    The CD will be released and I am sure the PBS show will be re-scheduled…this is ALL READY TO GO!!! Somebody will post as soon as the definitive answers are in!! Keep these guys in your prayers – the truth will prevail and the song will be sung!

  93. Johnny B says:

    Can someone tell me the latest on C D &Y? Was the CD released? any concert info? anything!

  94. Pandora says:

    CDY are still dealing with court issues with former producer Willette Klausner…unbelievable! The story will be told. CDY WILL be touring, and the CD WILL be released…keep your eyes open for it SOON! and keep all good thoughts sent their direction!

  95. Johnny B says:

    Its been 2 months since my last comment. am i to give up? is there anything as of late on C D & Y?

  96. AJ says:

    JohnnyB…check the postings under the message about the Great Performances being cancelled…there’s some GREAT news! Enjoy!

  97. Judie says:

    Check your PBS listings. Cook, Dixon and Young will be aired on Great Performances in August. Their new CD will be released August 2nd. AT LAST !!!!

  98. Mrs. B says:

    The group Cook, Dixon, and Young are the best thing in music that I have heard in all of my life which is some 60 years. What an outstanding performance, what showmanship and most of all WHAT TALENT. No matter what I hear in my remaining years, I know it will not top this unbelievable group. THANKS COOK, DIXON AND YOUNG, PLEASE DON’T STOP.

  99. C. B. Jones says:

    I’d like to get in line to book TMT (Cook, Dixon & Young). Could you provide me the website or e-mail address or telephone number of their agent.
    Thank you.

  100. C. Jones says:

    Please provide me the contact information for TMT’s agent. An e-mail address, web site or telephone number would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  101. e says:

    Does anyone know when and where Cook, Dixon and Young are appearing in Atlanta? Public TV (either channel 8 or 30) was giving away concert tickets last night, but they did not say where the concert would take place.

  102. AJ says:

    Your best bet would probably be to call the stations and see what they can tell you. Also, see the other CD&Y posting for a suggestion on how to try to get tour information about these gentlemen.

  103. Joyce Essien says:

    I also have been trying to identify the date for their performance in Atlanta…
    At some point, I was given the date of Oct 20 at the FOX, however in contacting them, I’ve been told that they are not scheduled for a performance in Atlanta ?
    I would be grateful for any further information that can be obtained about a performance in Atlanta, or near Atlanta…

  104. Pandora says:

    check with your PBS Station! I am sure it’ll be up on the website soon as well – – a tour is in the works so just keep emailing their management to get that website up and running with info!

  105. Pandora says:

    FYI – Cook Dixon & Young Volume 1 has hit the Billboard charts!! 25 on the Jazz Charts and 12 on the Crossover Charts! Congratulations!!! It only goes up from here!

  106. Johnny B says:

    Has the C D & Y CD been released and if so can someone tell me where to purchase it? thanx!

  107. AJ says:

    Can be had on either Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites

  108. FreddyeB says:

    I saw the PBS special on Cook, Dixon, and Young. Boy, boy, boy! This is different from the 3 mo tenors DVD that I totally went crazy over, but it is so good until I repeatdely play it over and over. Cook, Dixon and Young are the bomb! Please continue and come to Florida, preferably, West Palm Beach. We love these guys.

  109. JRandolph says:

    I had the great pleasure to see TMT in Jacksonville, Florida. What an awesome night, filled with fun, craftsmanship, style, music, music, and “Mo” music. I am so looking foward to seeing them again. I hear Cook, Dixon & Young’s new work is amazing. Any info on a Jacksonville date would surely be appreciated.

  110. Jrandolph says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing TMT in Jacksonville, Florida, what an awesome show. We were treated to style, craftsmanship, talent music, music, and “Mo” misic. I am so excited about these three men being able to continue to do what they seem to love…entertaining. I loved the former name “Three Mo Tenors” the world didn’t seem ready for them but these guys brought so much style and class to their act that they made the world stand up and not ony listen but accept them as outstanding entertainers.Look out world… again here comes “Cook, Dixon and Young” I for one will be forever ready. If anyone have any information on the next Jacksonville date I would appreciate it.

  111. Pandora says:

    From what I understand, a tour for Cook Dixon & Young is being constructed. Keep watching for it online! Also their website is in the works – – email their management and encourage them to put SOMETHING up on that website SOON! Maybe if they hear from us they will realize what a HUGE fanbase CD&Y has and get on this!

  112. Pandora says:

    here’s a list thus far til December 2005…contact the venue DIRECTLY (google it if you have to) to get tickets until tickets are released to brokers…tickets available NOW!
    09/29/05 8 p.m. Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte NC
    10/01/05 8 P.m. Orpheum Theatre, Memphis TN
    10/07/05 8 p.m. Warner Theatre, Washington, DC
    10/20/05 8 p.m. Fabulous Fox Theatre Georgia,
    Atlanta, GA
    11/25/05 8 p.m. Meyerhoff Symphony Hall,
    Baltimore, MD
    12/02/05 8 p.m. Orpheum Theatre, Minnneapolis MN
    12/09/05 8 p.m. Auditorium Theatre, Chicago IL
    This isn’t the end – more to come! hopefully it’ll be up on their own website soon…good luck with tickets and enjoy the show!!!!!!!!

  113. Pandora says:

    sorry – just to confirm – the first concert in Charlotte NC is September 29th NOT 25th – sorry for the mixup!

  114. Pandora says:

    An update…
    Those of you in Detroit and in Columbus Ohio – there are concerts there too! Detroit’s is through PBS I believe. Columbus is with the symphony. Just google “cook dixon young” with 2005 and the city and you should be led to the correct site for tickets.

  115. JRandolph says:

    Thanks Pandora for this update.We the fans appreciate it. With this info it seems that I’m Atlanta bound.

  116. Pandora says:

    The Cook Dixon & Young website has been UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With tour dates and tickets and ALL that! ENJOY THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! The tour will continue into 2006 and those dates will be up as they are confirmed!
    DVD is due out this month too FYI!

  117. James says:

    The Cook, Dixon, & Young: Volume 1 DVD will be available Tuesday, October 25.

  118. AJ says:

    Thank you, James. A LOT of the fans have been waiting for this!

  119. James says:

    Per Pandora: continues to be updated FYI – there’s a guest book/message board now!
    On a side, I apologize for the problems you may experience when leaving comments. I am working to get them corrected as quickly as possible – James

  120. Pandora says:

    CD&Y at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C. were MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!
    These guys have such CLASS and SOPHISTICATION! They are true artists – technique, style and true ability to communicate! The combined years and experiences can’t be taken from them – they are truly unique and everyone who loves them and respects them wishes them ALL GOOD THINGS as they deserve. They certainly haven’t deserved all the heartache this business has dished out, but have proven they are greater than all of that and have an even better show than before and sound better than ever and WILL SUCCEED!!! BRAVI!

  121. sylvester love says:

    Is Robert Black still affiliated with trio?

  122. Pandora says:

    yes he is

  123. Pandora says:

    just thought you would like to know…Willette Klausner and Marion Caffey continue to keep Cook Dixon & Young in court. So much for wishing them well – they just don’t want them to sing! Unbelievable! What a horrid ordeal inflicted on these gifted men by these horrible horrible and evil people.

  124. Pandora says:

    noticed that Thomas Young has a new website – up and running with interesting things to come!

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