Flashback Friday – Natalie Cole – Thankful

Natalie Cole - Thankful
“Picture yourself on the sea of a setting sun
The salty air and the taste of your lover’s hair
Inside you want to fly
Ah, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi
Come to the magical mist where the oceans kissed
A thousand kisses or more on the sandy shore
And never says goodbye
Ah, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi
Ooh, La Costa, ooh
Ooh, La Costa, ooh”

– Natalie Cole

If you ask me to pick my favorite Natalie Cole songs from her Capitol recordings, I would choose “No Plans for the Future”, “Can’t Say No”, “La Costa”, “Heaven is with You”, “Mr. Melody”, “Inseparable”, “I’m Catching Hell”, “Beautiful Dreamer”, and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” just to name a few. My favorite early Cole album is Thankful because one of my friends in high school let me borrow it for a couple of weeks. I tried to wear the grooves off of it and knew every song very well. I was recently playing the CD in the car and realized something interesting. 20+ years after this album was recorded, it is still a very consistent recording. I can select any track and it still makes me smile. Of course, this is after I have played “La Costa” about 10 times in a row. I was at a writing workshop last year and we were discussing music. We were all in agreement that “La Costa” is one of her best recordings ever. “Picture yourself on a sea, come feel the warmth of the breeze… La Costa.” The sounds of beautiful waves crashing against the sandy shores, the rich orchestration complete with horns and flutes (feeling like a Herb Alpert or Sergio Mendes arrangement), and Natalie’s breezy, sensual, multi-layered vocals all made for a alluring tune. I have only heard this song remade once by pianist Ahmad Jamal as an instrumental. “La Costa”, which Natalie co-wrote with Linda Williams, also gave us a glimpse into her significant jazz heritage. Other gems included the gospel and funk title track “Thankful”, the playful and swinging “Lovers”, and her charter toppers “Our Love” and “Annie Mae.” Part of the beauty of “Annie Mae” was how it closed out with a harp solo which lead into “Keeping a Light.” She signified and testified on “Nothing Stronger Than Love” and “Just Can’t Stay Away” which was later remade by En Vogue. Enjoy your music.

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  1. ej says:

    good call.
    she’s a great singer.
    glad she got through all of her issues.

  2. Antonio G says:

    How fitting that the name of Natalie Cole’s album would be entitled “Thankful,” — After all she’s been through I’m almost positive she’s thankful for a number of things.

  3. Darni says:

    in the 6th grade i sang our love at the talent show but loved la costa too (which i recall was the flip side of our love – the single). i liked saying the “Ah, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi” part.

  4. LaNita says:

    Natalie has so much energy. I love her
    “This Will Be” song and also her cd “Snowfall on the Sahara” (more current)
    I recently saw her in a jam session on TBN(yes religious channel) with CeCe Winans, Kirk Franklin and Smokey Robinson. Perhaps a gospel CD will be in the future for Natalie, too.

  5. lynne says:

    this has got to be one of my fav natalie cole recordings, eva. man i can doing a mean lindie hop to this will be, among many others. and lucy in the sky brings up wayold memories of playing saxophone in jazz band in middle school. ewwww…j….you just don’t stop.

  6. Tina Taylor says:

    Can you please advise me where can I purchase Natalie Cole “Thankful” CD? The CD contains hits such as “Keeping a Light”, “Can’t Stay Away” and “Annie Mae”. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.

  7. Lenora says:

    Hi I am interested in the Natalie Cole Thankful cd. Can you please help me in locating it? thanks

  8. Mike says:

    You can find the CD “Thankful” on amazon.com

  9. April says:

    I can’t find “Thankful” on amazon. Please help.
    Is “Keeping A Light” and Stronger Than Love” only on “THankful?

  10. SongstressG says:

    Check a vintage music store in Silver Springs, MD called Roadhouse Oldies. That’s where I ordered mine from this week. I don’t have the #, I was in DC w/ family when we did it. the had the LP for $7.50 and could order the CD for $15.00
    Good Luck w/that
    Here’s the info on the record store:
    Alan’s Roadhouse Oldies
    5200 Ritchie Highway
    Brooklyn, MD 21225

  11. Lady T says:

    Don’t be misled. I’ve been everywhere and in every record store in Philly and Natalie Cole’s Thankful is no where to be found on vinyl or Cd. When inquiring about the CD I’ve been told by very reputable sources that it has not been released on a Cd. Can someone somewhere please clear this up for me as I am jonesing to hear “Just Can’t Stay Away” in it’s entirety. I can get bits and pieceson certain web sites. Please ease my suffering someone!!!

  12. rose says:

    i have this album e-mail me back

  13. val says:

    I have the whole album in mp3 format if anyone is interested. I downloaded from “Limewire” yeah that is sad but I could not find it anywhere else.???
    The only song I could not find and do not have is “Nothing Stronger Than Love”
    I use to play this record everyday when I was in the 4th grade, especially “LaCosta”

  14. cynt says:

    I’m desparately trying to get two songs from the Thankful album – “Keeping a light” and “Just Can’t Stay Away”, I haven’t been able to find a site that has the songs. Please advise where I can find them.

  15. Kim says:

    You can go to lime wire. I’m trying to get “Nothing Stronger Than Love.”

  16. derrick says:

    The Natalie Cole ‘Thankful’ cd was issued in 1996 or 1997 on One Way Records, a subsidiary of EMI Music (Capitol record’s parent label). I have owned a copy since it’s release. And I can tell you that it is a scarce item and has been because it was only in print for a short while (and has a huge price tag on the last few I’ve seen on Amazon). Much like Michael Henderson’s Solid CD,Thankful is really hard to find..But for clarification: it does exist on CD w/catalog # 72438-19084-26
    07/24/06 – Derrick is selling his Natalie Cole Thankful and Michael Henderson Solid CD’s on Amazon.com and Gemm.com. Please see the links below:
    Natalie Cole – Thankful CD on Amazon.com
    Michael Henderson – Solid CD on Amazon.com
    Both CD’s on Gemm.com>
    Disclaimer: j-notes.com is not a record seller nor in any way benefits from the sale of these records. This information is merely provided to assist music fans that have been searching endlessly for these particular albums. As always, enjoy your music.

  17. sandy says:

    i have been looking for this thankful cd by natalie cole for ever it brings so many happy memories if you know where i can find it please help

  18. Adam says:

    I first heard 2 Natalie Cole tracks from the “Thankful” album on a “Capitol Rare compilation CD” i purchased about 10 years ago, I thought they were fantastic, her early material in the 70’s really showed us what she was capable of! It’s about time these early albums got re-issued again! Come on Capitol, “pull your fingers out” Peace..

  19. dwayne C says:

    I have tried for years to find Thankful on CD. I DO HAVE THE ALBUM, THANK GOD! It is in very very good condition. I wouldn’t sell it for all the tea in China. “Keeping A Light” my favorite never seems to make any of the compulation disc. Norman Connors “Passion” is another I can’t find.
    Im not going to give up. I found Debarge “All This Love CD” Angie Bofill’s “Intuiton” Diane Reeves “Never Too far” and Minnie Rippertons 4 CD set collection (Minnie, Adventiurs In Pardise, Perfet Angle, and Stay In Love).

  20. Hasani says:

    I first heard her album/8 track when I was 13 years old back in the early 80’s. I purchased the albam and I still have it! It’s in PRIME CONDITION! But…I can’t find it on cd. Where can I go to get the whole cd?

  21. I actually have the original record, and I put it on CD just so that I don’t damage the record, the record is still in great condition too!!!

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