Kicking off the year with a Klugh…

Guitarist Earl Klugh & j-notes
Earl Klugh – acoustic guitar
Greg Phillinganes – keyboards
Al Turner – bass guitar
Ron Otis – drums

There is nothing like starting off the year with good music and Earl Klugh delivered. I was overjoyed when I found out he was coming to town because I have been enjoying his music for a number of years. His smooth and mellow guitar could be heard on all the quiet storm/lights-out radio formats in the 80’s. Long before I began buying massive amounts of music, I would sit on the porch at night listening to the radio and Earl’s music was a part of it.

His set included such classics as “One Night (Alone With You)”, “Dr. Macumba”, “Heart String”, “Livin’ Inside Your Love”, “Low Ride”, “Twinkle”, “Balladina”, “Wind & Sea.” His music floats you away to a tropical paradise as he caresses his guitar like a babe in arms. His notes are precise and powerful. I observed a childlike wonder in his eyes and playful laughter as he enjoyed his music. He took us from beautiful ballads to soulful funk grooves throughout the evening. Earl mentioned that the Yoshi’s concerts were put together to give him the opportunity to play again with his longtime collaborator, Greg Phillinganes, who has played keyboards for the best in the business. Al Turner on bass guitar and Ron Otis on drums, whom I also saw with Bob James last summer, play with Earl regularly. Each of them brought on the funk during their solos. Earl will have a new release in the fall on an independent label. There will also be a new Earl Klugh website coming soon. Stay tuned.

After the concert, Earl and the band signed autographs. Fans, including me, got to expand their Earl Klugh collections as his previous recordings were on sale for $10 each. The next night I stopped by to pickup an album that sold out the previous night. I helped Denise, Earl’s assistant, with opening purchased CD’s for the signing as people flocked out after the concert. It was fun and I later got to take the photo shown above with Earl and also one with Greg.

13 Responses to “Kicking off the year with a Klugh…”

  1. You look like long-lost brothers.

  2. Gee says:

    Yeah, brotherlove’s right. You could be long lost borthers.
    I love Earl Klugh. One of my favorites is the collaboration that he did with George Benson and they did the love theme from Romeo and Juliet.

  3. Joey says:

    Great picture!

  4. nakachi says:

    look at you! hobnobbin’ with the elite. 😉
    great review and wonderful photo!

  5. laurie says:

    Wow, I’ll say the same, great review and photo! Klugh is one of the musicians that I’ve always been aware of, but don’t think I ever listened to. Well, I think my dad listened to him. I’ll have to seek some of his stuff out.

  6. Sandra says:

    dangit..I have Klugh-envy!

  7. Geno says:

    …..I’m soooooooo glad to see that Earl Klugh is alive and still making sweet sounds. I have tapes,CD’s,and record albums by Mr. Klugh. One is even a “blue-note” album. I can’t wait to see what the Klugh web sight will be like!

  8. Anthony says:

    Thank you for the information about Earl Klugh. I’ve been trying to find out about when his next album would be coming out for a while now, and this is the first place I’ve been able to find that information. I’ve been a fan ever since his Magic In Your Eyes album (yes, album!) came out back in 1978. I’ve heard Earl live twice, once right after Two Of A Kind came out, and again after Sudden Burst Of Energy. Again, thank you for the info!

  9. I wonder if anyone has an email address for Earl.
    I took guitar lessons from him when he was a teenager in Detroit (Grinnell’s ca. 1972). I was terrible and he was so nice and always encouraged me.
    I wonder if he’d remember. I still think of him as a friend even today and I would love to write him a note and hear from him.
    ~jim vanhollebeke, eta
    redford, mi

  10. Frank says:

    Except for Beethoven, I have more Earl Klugh CDs than any other artist’s. I wish he would re-issue “Wishful Thinking.”
    Looking forward to the website.
    Frank, Salem, Oregon.

  11. Gary L. Ott says:

    I have been to to many of Earl’s concerts to count. I’ve been trying to replace my CD copy of “Wishful Thinking” for some time now ,(I lent it to a friend and it came back damaged/unplayable). I have the LP version which Earl signed for me a few years back. I’ve tried E-Bay, and all the local music stores, as well as local Pawn shops to no avail. Is there anyway to obtain a new copy of it, maybe from Earl himself? I was told there was a falling out with the record company and Earl went around the local area and bought up all the remaining copies. I would also like to be included on a mailing list as to the upcoming events, new releases, and concerts.

  12. Gary L. Ott says:

    Is there anyway to make contact with someone at Capital Records or who ever owns them to them to re-release “Wishful Thinking”?
    We can send them the link to this Blog as well, to show there is still interest in that CD!

  13. Audrey says:

    Hello, Klugh fans! It’s so good to hear from all of you. I’d like to invite you to check out Earl’s official website at It features the latest news, community message board, photos & tour info, as well as the Earl Klugh store…so you can “upgrade” some of your albums to CD’s! We will be adding a guitar tutorial section to the website this year as well!
    If you are looking for Earl’s latest record, you can order it on our website. It is entitled NAKED GUITAR, featuring Earl performing solo standards & pop classics like only he can do. This record has been nominated for the 2006 GRAMMY Awards!
    Looking forward to seeing you on the site…Happy New Year!

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