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Lalah Hathaway

Vocalist Lalah Hathaway is coming back to give us her love from 2/26-29 at Yoshi’s. I saw her with Joe Sample in 1999. She was excellent and has a new album coming out in the spring. Hathaway sings honest, straight-up music from the soul
Grammy Nominee Kurt Elling kicks off Oak Room’s 2004 Lineup in Limited Engagement January 27-31
BB JAZZ proudly presents Kim Waters on February 7, 2004. The most romantic east coast saxophonist will kick off the Huntington Beach Smooth Jazz Series held at the HB Library Theatre, 7111 Talbert Avenue, Huntington Beach. Don’t miss an opportunity to see this performer in such an intimate theatre. Proceeds benefit children with autism. Tickets are on sale now!!
Jazz at Lincoln Center: Jazz Education, Performance and Broadcast
San Jose Business Journal: Permission to Play Onaje Allan Gumbs Broadcrast Live February 6 at 5:30pm Forget Radio, Musical Path to Success Is TV, TV, TV The Sweet Sounds of Really Bad Singing Music Royalties Rise, Even as CD Sales Fall Lizz Wright Has Stellar Jazz Album Debut album is more crucial than ever, but it’s no assurance of future success

5 Responses to “Lalah and more….”

  1. Joey says:

    Thanks for the links — hey, you’re becoming a jazz news feed! A thought: you might want to mention NY Times (among others) requires a subscription to read content. Or maybe you already noted it somewhere on your huge site?

  2. ej says:

    I expect you to get Lalah’s autograph for me, because I love her. I have EVERY album she ever made, including the one with Joe Sample. I wish I could make it to Yoshis.

  3. I happen to be a huge fan of Miss Hathaway, and her music! Hope you get a chance to see her, she rocks in concert!

  4. Sending more jealous haterade your way. Lalah voice melts me – every time.

  5. Deidre D.S.SENSE Smith says:

    Ms. Hathaway is, and will forever be… one of the greatest vocalist of all time. She has made her own niche and continues to carve her own legacy into the hearts of music lovers abroad.

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