Regina Carter all around the Bay…

Regina Carter

We will be able to hear the beautiful sounds of Regina Carter’s violin all around the Bay Area this year. The Monterey Jazz Festival recently named Regina their first year round artist-in-residence and tonight she will be playing in the MJF Spring Concert Series at Sunset Center in Carmel. Tomorrow through Sunday, she will be playing Yoshi’s for two shows each night. Tickets will go quickly for these shows. On Sunday, June 13, she will be playing Stern Grove and in September, she will be playing the 47th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival. Go Regina!

3 Responses to “Regina Carter all around the Bay…”

  1. nakachi says:

    you sho know how to make a sista wanna pack up and move to the bay.
    enjoy the concerts for me!

  2. Bernard says:

    while I was out your way I picked up the Jazz Channel presents Chaka Khan on DVD…. I know you’re going… let me know how she does.

  3. hey uncle james! how are you? i finally got her cd, i forget the name and i love it! thanks dude!

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