20 years after 21…

j-notes @ 21

On this blessed day, 20 years ago, I turned 21 years old. It was quite an event. I was, as you can see, “tight in the waist and cute in the face.” My dashing outfit had been in layaway for weeks at the Oak Tree. I even set aside my trusty station wagon and rented a 1984 Lincoln Town Car for the day. When I brought the Lincoln home, my mother had a fit because I blocked the neighboring gas station’s driveway with it since we lived on a main street. Of course, she thought I was crazy but it was my special day. I went to see Dreamgirls at the Shubert Theatre in Chicago. Jennifer Holliday was not in the touring cast but Sheryl Lee Ralph was in this production. It was a great performance.

Me and Dee Dee Bridgewater

This birthday is special. Thursday evening, I went to see Dee Dee Bridgewater and she was fabulous. Last night, I went to see the one of the masters of the bossa nova, João Gilberto and tonight I am going to see Clairdee. It is going to be a fun weekend.

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  1. Bernie says:

    Happy Birthday James. May your birthday stay in the right tempo.

  2. nOva says:

    You Cancers rule. That picture is soooo cute!!! Happy birthday!

  3. ronn says:

    Happy Birthday Daddy Jazz!! I’m sure you made it a special day.

  4. ej says:

    I’ll share the Geritol with you! Just kidding! Happy Birthday and many more…you know us Cancers rule! 😉

  5. yea baby! happy b-day man

  6. RenSistah says:

    happy happy birthday…!

  7. David says:

    Happy Birthday, James!!. I also love the picture. Sooo Cute.

  8. gee says:

    Bad on me, I’m late. Hope it was glorious! Enjoy this weekends events and have a wonderful fourth.

  9. lynne says:

    Happy Birthday James!

  10. Dee Woodard says:

    Happy Birthday to you. You are braver than I. I dont want to look at a picture from 21!
    Glad to see you back in the blogging saddle. Luv yah!

  11. Lashundra says:

    you are handsome on both pics. happy belated berfday to you!

  12. brohemian says:

    how cuuuuuute! i haven’t been here in a while. good to see you up and running again. happy belated b-day!!

  13. Bernard says:

    Ok, auto brain (Palm Pilot) failed me… extremely sorry. Happy really belated B’day. It’s within a month, so it still counts, right?

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