Remembering Syreeta


With You I’m Born Again – Billy Preston And Syreeta
[Written by David Shire and Carol Connors]
Come bring me your softness
Comfort me through all this madness
Woman, don’t you know
With you I’m born again
Come give me your sweetness
Now there’s you, there is no weakness
Lying safe within your arms
I’m born again
I was half, not whole
In step with none
Reaching through this world
In need of one
Come show me your kindness
In your arms I know I’ll find this
Woman, don’t you know
With you I’m born again
Lying safe with you I’m born again

3 Responses to “Remembering Syreeta”

  1. the tall one says:

    Thank you for making me aware that she passed away. I remember seeing her on American Bandstand and loving her tremendous voice and presence. Being a typical little girl back then, I loved her braids.

  2. George says:

    Somehow you think a voice like hers should last for longer than this. The only consolation is that now it will never go completely silent.

  3. Nadir Rasheed says:

    I too did not know that she was gone..She’ll be missed by me.I loved her style. If you have a discography on her I would appreciate your sharing with we. I have her first LP “Syreeta”, and the Billy Preston LP, but thats it…

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