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Just taking a few notes at Jazz at Pearl's!!!
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I actually tried to let this slip by without much fanfare but too many good things have happened over the past year for me to not take a few moments to reflect and give thanks. On October 15, 2004, I celebrated the 2nd year anniversary of this blog. Let’s get this party started right!

Cool stuff over the past year

Lizz Wright
Lizz Wright
Lizz Wright
Lizz Wright

  • I got to see Lizz Wright in concert thrice (yeah, it is a word!!!) this year. I also got to sing happy birthday to her the day before her 24th birthday with a group of people visting her backstage after her show at Yoshi’s. The above photos were taken at the San Jose Jazz Festival this summer.
  • Photos, photos, and more photos – I have a lot of new stuff to add there.
  • Rochester 2004 – Being able to see the look on my brother’s face when he saw our mom at his surprise 50th birthday party – priceless!!! Love you bro!!!
  • Concerts, music, and big props – I cannot even tell you how many concert I attended in the past year. The database that I keep of all my CD’s and albums has gotten a little disorganized. Big thanks to everyone who keeps me informed about concerts and new music. Special thanks to all the people who send me music to enjoy. Also, thanks to Marshall, Lonnie, Kim, and Steve for your kindness.
  • I am still amazed by all the Cook, Dixon, and Young, Donnie, and Phyllis Hyman fans. Thank you for all your comments and kind words.
  • My music treasure for 2004 – I finally acquired of Shirley Horn’s first solo recording, Embers and Ashes. It is still burning up my turntable. .

Words of Wisdom
“Stay strong, stay committed, and always have a purpose to your work.” – Andy Bey
“Just because they clap doesn’t mean you are good. They may be clapping just because you stopped.” – Bobby Hutcherson

The following is an excerpt from a conversation I had with a wise ole soul while waiting for a concert to begin:
Velma: “What is it you do?”
James: “I write about music.”
Velma: “Are you good?”
James: “I guess so.”
Velma: “If you are good then you need to answer yes when I ask that question. I don’t ever want to hear you say ‘I guess’ when I ask you that question. Be proud of the work you do.”
James: “Yes, ma’am.”
A few minutes later…
Velma: “Would you like a drink of vodka?”
James: *laughs* “No ma’am.”

What’s next?

More music and concert reviews, photos, taking my writing to the next level (stay tuned!!), feeding my passion for jazz and other good music, baking, and just having fun!

Thanks for all the love from my family and friends. I know my dad is smiling down on me. Big thanks to all those who send me gentle reminders that I have not updated the site. You know who you are and I love you anyway!

Thank God for another great year and may the music never end!

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  1. Bernard says:

    Happy 2 Year Anniversary!!!! Now, did you ever re-read your New York, New York post? You stated you’d be back in the summer or the fall. Well, you only have until Dec 20 to get here (winter starts on the 21st)… so book that flight and pack some of those desserts in the carry-on (you know the TSA likes to steal.. hahahaha).

  2. Joey says:

    Welcome back! Yeah, I know you never left, but still …

  3. shannita says:

    Congrats on another year of keeping us in tune with the music! 🙂

  4. sandra says:

    Geez I’ve missed reading your site…I am sitting here very early in the morning trying to catch up..lol Congrats on 2 years…I will always remember that you turned me on to the Aretha/James Cleveland Gospel CD (circa 1972)–my Mom has “borrowed” it from me so I am buying another for myself–also the Cyrus Chestnut CDs are wonderful..I can’t wait for your Christmas recommendations!

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