She is still the life of the party….

My niece at age 4

My niece is just as adorable and full of energy today as she was when she was born 25 years ago on this date. Surprisingly, she actually wants to go to here for her birthday. I keep a big stash of photos for just the right occasion and this one is perfect. Notice that she is holding her “My Little Pony” doll that her uncle gave her.
She is my heart and my partner in crime. We have the most colorful and fascinating conversations. I am proud of everything you are and all that you will become. With love always…your favorite uncle!!! Happy Birthday!!!

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  1. Your Dearest Niece says:

    Thank you, thank you for helping me make my birthday celebration even bigger. There is one comment I’d like to fully own, yes I plan on taking my parents and my self (my treat) to the place in question to celebrate my birth with pizza and video games. As always Dear Uncle you are more than welcome to join in the celebration. Luv you much!

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