Flashback Friday – Vanessa Bell Armstrong – Chosen

Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Chosen
Faith to reach the unreachable
Faith to fight the unbeatable
Faith to remove the unmovable
Faith that stands the invincible
Faith that can conquer anything

Faith that sees the invincible
Faith that expects the incredible
Faith that can conquer anything

This flashback was inspired by my friend, Kim. She recently asked if Vanessa Bell Armstrong’s gospel classic “Faith That Conquers” from her Chosen album could be found on CD.

Despite her success, Vanessa Bell Armstrong’s first two album, Peace Be Still (1983) and Chosen (1984), are very hard to find on vinyl and are not available on disc. There is a greatest hits CD on Muscle Shoals Records which features some of the songs from both these albums but “Faith” is not included. I can remember searching everywhere for these first two albums and I finally found them in 1988 in a gospel record store on 79th and Prairie in Chicago. “Faith That Conquers” was one of my earliest introductions to her music in the 80’s. Chosen also included the gospel gems, What He’s Done for Me”, “Nobody But Jesus”, “There’s A Brighter Day”, “Teach Me O Lord” and “Walk With Me.” There was one other album, Following Jesus on the Muscle Shoals Gospel Sound Records label and it came out in 1986. The first two albums were on the Onyx International label and distributed by The Benson Company. My guess is that Muscle Shoals probably has the masters for Vanessa’s first three albums sitting on the shelves while us fans are just aching to hear “Faith” again. A little bit of “Faith That Conquers” can be found as “Vanessa’s Medley: What Shall I Render/Faith/Nobody But Jesus/For God So Loved The World/Peace Be Still/The Denied Stone” on her The Secret is Out album from 1995. So all my gospel fans out there, let’s see if we can get these albums reissued on compact disc! If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

As I was researching Vanessa’s music, I found a 1995 album from her sister, Charlene Bell, entitled Just Praise. I have had this album on heavy rotation for the last month. 4 of the 10 tracks on this album feature Charlene, Vanessa, and their sister, Margaret Bell on vocals. The rest of tracks are angelically sung by Charlene backed by a heavenly choir. After hearing it, I could not help but wonder why they do not record more or tour together as a group. Margaret and Charlene have sung background vocals on most of Vanessa’s albums. By the way, Margaret Bell made a solo album entitled Over and Over in 1991. Enjoy your music!

Update: I found Vanessa’s first 3 albums available on cassette on the Malaco Music Group website. Maybe we need to send a few emails to the Malaco contacts to encourage them to release these albums on disc.

09/29/2010: Vanessa’s Chosen album is now available on iTunes. Praise be to God!!!

22 Responses to “Flashback Friday – Vanessa Bell Armstrong – Chosen”

  1. maurice says:

    E K O C…..now see here…..i am slain in dah spurt…..that was when she was singing for real….thanks for that

  2. Marie says:

    I was searching for the album with the song “Faith” on it, over the internet. I thank you for this site, and bringing some revelation as to the whereabouts of this classic, soulful masterpiece. God bless you. Hopefully it will be released so we can enjoy this music in our homes and cars. Her gift of singing has been such a blessing to me since the early ’80s.

  3. Lillian Thurman says:

    I’m trying to find out if Vanessa Bell Armstrong will be in concert in Chicago this year.

  4. Josh Lockhart says:

    I am in complete agreement. It really is ashame those first three albums or at least the “top hits” have not been released on disk. Vanessa Bell Armstrong is so important to the solo gospel artists that have “made it” in the last 20-25 years. Something must be done…

  5. ellasimone says:

    I have exhausted all efforts to find the first 3 albums on CD as well, and am reassured to know my search skills are not the issue — they simply do not yet exist!!! I am in Toronto Canada, and still recall listening to this woman’s work during my adolescence and feeling chilled every time I heard songs like Peace be Still; Nobody But Jesus; and my all time favourite “Teach me Oh Lord”. What contributes to such a gross lag — is it artist or label prerogative to have these vestiges updated to Compact disc from vinyl?? I can only imagine that numerous others have been sent on this wild goose chase, all the while feeling nostalgic with little remedy. What is more, Ms. Vanessa seems not to have an official artist web page so that all us diehard followers could have her ear on such topics…if anyone reading this rant has such info can you please pass it along to me, I would be eternally grateful. I can be reached at ellasimone@gmail.com
    God Bless

  6. NatashiaG says:

    You are a blessing sent from above. I have also searched and searched for the “chosen” album, and received no luck. I started to get discouraged and stopped looking. Just when I thought I would never find any luck, I found this site. I didn’t realize how inspirational Ms. Armstrong’s music is all around the country. God bless you! I plan to follow up on encouraging malaco to release her earlier albums on CD

  7. Ben Smith says:

    I have been following Vanessa Bell Armstrong for years. I have the Faith cassette as well as two other interesting video recordings. I have her singing the smash hit Always from her Denied Stone recording in concert with the Winans. I also have singing Peace Be Still, and Labor in Vain live on the Lost Winans Concert. These can both be found on Amazon.com.

  8. Vanessa kills me and my group EVERY time, I’ve been on a search trying to collect ALL her albums and recordings and these three albums are a must have for us! Vanessa inspires us time and time again, she has a tone within her tone that is unique to her; when you hear it you know and feel it! Vanessa has signed with EMI Records (Nov 2005) and I cant WAIT to hear what she brings to us this time!

  9. Carol Davis says:

    I too have followed Vanessa for many many years. She is one of my favorites. She has been a blessing and a real inspiration in my life. Plus the sister can really sing. How can we get “Faith” on a cd?

  10. Millionaire In Da Lord says:

    Vanessa Bell Armstrong used to come to Shreveport, La all the time to do concerts;when will Vanessa Bell Armstrong be coming to Shreveport,Louisiana to do a concert???
    I heard u had to get cleared with VBA productions manager who is her God~child Des’tin Dorothy Weatherton!!!

  11. sandra clark says:

    I need the faith song on CD. Is it really hard to do that?

  12. Don B. says:

    Thanks for the info! Does anyone know how to get the “Amen” tv show song? Vanessa’s vocals are incredible, I too have been encouraged by her since the 1980’s. Also, does anyone have a copy of her cameo appearance in Oprah’s “Women of Brewster Place” tv movie?
    Please let me know
    e-mail is pastordb3@yahoo.com

  13. Janet says:

    I have been searching to find the classic Faith. I can not believe how hard it is to find. Thank you so much for the 411. They really need to put the old albums on cd.

  14. omari gayle says:

    does anyone know if VBA is coming to London,UK soon. People are going mad for her over here.

  15. Ashley L Dowden says:

    I have been searching for this classic album for a long time and I am glad that I found it, thank God. I am in need of the lyrics to this song.

  16. patricia belt says:

    Please contact me as I need the Tape recording or CD of Faith That Conquers. Why is it so hard to locate. I tried to buy this everywhere. When Bordera or anyother music store searches, – it cannot be found. The lyrics are everywhere – no recording anywhere.

  17. Donna Preston says:

    I came across this site. The title of the album that Faith that Conquers is “Chosen.” The address is: http://www.christosbookcenter.com/e/product.asp?sku=5557672753

  18. Patricia A. Belt says:

    I am looking for the sheet music to Faith That Conquers. If you have it or know where to find it. Please email me the sheet music. Desperately seeking sheet music – from the Chosen album – Faith The Conquers. Thank you.

  19. Natashia George says:

    $16.95 + shipping Vanessa’s “Chosen” CD can be purchased at:
    Malaco Christian Distribution
    call: 800-272-7936

  20. Donna E says:

    I recall hearing Ms. Armstrong singing “Amazing Grace” on a gospel station in St. Louis, Mo. and I cannot find the recording. Is it possible that it was another artist ?

  21. Carolyn Butler says:

    Thank you so much for this information. I do a jail ministry and I wanted the CD that included “Faith than can conquer anything.” You would think that someone would listen to the voice of the Lord and put these two albums on CD.

  22. Dorian P Hall says:

    Hi everyone! Is there sheet music or a chord chart for “Faith that can conquer anything” ? I love this song and I’m singing it at another church this Sunday. The musicians are all sight readers and require sheet music. Any help is appreciated.


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