Lizz Wright – San Jose Jazz Festival

Lizz Wright

Lizz Wright – vocals
Deanna Witkowski – keyboards
Carlos Henderson – bass
Mark Collenberg – drums

This was a very fun concert as I was dividing my time between listening to her wonderful music and sitting on the steps of the stage taking photos. Her set included “Open Your Eyes”, a magnificent reading of “Afro Blue”, and the soul-stirring “Walk With Me.” Her rendition of “Nature Boy” has become a favorite of mine. Carlos opened the song with nice bass solo, Deanna jammed on the Rhodes, Mark came in on the drums, and Lizz just brought out all together beautifully. She soared on “Eagle & Me” and the wind rose at the Wright moment when she sang “Eternity” and “Blue Rose.” Her voice had a way of summoning a cool breeze on a hot August afternoon. She was gracious, shy, and beautiful as always. Each time I see her in concert, she seems freer in her music as walks further in the light. Every lyric has a new meaning as she brought a hush over the crowd as she sung “Home.” “Salt” had some new seasoning and “Silence” was reverent. Just when we thought it was the end of her set, she came back and sang “Lead The Way” and “Fire.” She also included “Nothing Will Be As It Was,” a Milton Nascimento composition.

Hot music on a hot summer day!

Have you gotten the new Lizz Wright album, Dreaming Wide Awake, yet? It is wonderful and I promise to share my thoughts soon. Lizz will playing at The Independent in SF on Tuesday, August 16. Verve Records is running a contest on her website,, to win tickets to this event.

More photos of Lizz Wright @ San Jose Jazz Festival 2004 Artist Interview with Lizz Wright

Photo Credit: James Knox

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  1. prodigalsun says:

    Well you KNOW I love Lizz… This looks like it was a great concert… warm weather, bright sun, and lizz wright? How could you go wrong. Thanks for sharing the photos… I LOVE HER. lol
    If anyone wants to hear a sample of the new album… you can check out some tracks on my post about her…

  2. Lambchop says:

    Thanks for checking out our blog! I LOVE Lizz Wright! Cool blog!
    Lambchop (Chops)~

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