The North Beach Jazz Festival Starts Tonight

North Beach Jazz Festival 2005

The 11th Annual North Beach Jazz Festival starts tonight and runs through Sunday, 7/31.
“Jazz on Grant” kicks off the NBJF every year with free jazz in more than a dozen clubs, cafes, bars and restaurants. This year the event will kick off at the SF Italian Athletic Club with a performance by the REALISTIC ORCHESTRA. Led by composer/trombonist/bassist Adam Theis, Realistic is a big band made up of players from Theis’ “Jazz Mafia” collective. The majority of the rest of the Jazz on Grant schedule will be announced piecemeal, but included among this year’s artists will be BOCA DO RIO, WILL BERNARD, HYIM, THE PUSH, DAN LEBOWITZ, BLOWOUT, GREGORY JAMES, KEATON SIMONS, DAMON AARON, KNEEBODY, MEGAN JACOBS .
NOTE: Realistic kicks off at 7:30. Most other shows begin at around 8pm and end around 11pm. A few of the clubs will start and end later. MAKE SURE TO GET DOWN THERE EARLY. 🙂

  • Will Bernard & Motherbug at Savoy Tivoli – 1434 Grant Ave

  • Boca do Rio at Mojito- 1337 Grant Ave
  • Hyim at Cafe Trieste- Grant @ Valejo

  • Dan Lebowitz (of A.L.O) at Magnet- Grant Ave

  • the Push at the Saloon- Grant @ Valejo

  • Keaton Simons, Kneebody at Royale – 1326 Grant Ave

  • BJ Papa at Panta Rei – 431 Columbus Ave
  • Miles Ahead at Cafe Figaro- 1318 Broadway

  • Gregory James at Ideale – 1309 Grant Ave

  • Damon Aaron, Megan Jacobs, Mike the Poet at Lost & Found Saloon: – 1353 Grant Ave

  • Tony Mattioli at Grant and Green – 1371 Grant Ave

  • Benito Taylor at Cafe Blanca- 1441 Grant Ave

  • Blowout at Steps of Rome- 348 Columbus Ave

  • Mitch Marcus at Tony Nik’s – 1534 Stockton

  • Scott Chernis photography + Steve Rossi Trio at Live Worms Gallery- 1341 Grant Ave

  • Dukes of Socket at Cafe Roma

  • John Turi at Blend – 659 Columbus Ave

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