Great Performances – Cook, Dixon & Young in Concert

Special Update: The Cook, Dixon & Young GREAT PERFORMANCES appearance is scheduled to air during the August pledge drive. Check your local listings for the exact date and time.


Formerly of Three Mo’ Tenors, Trio Offers New Evening of Musical Fun

Take a little Verdi and Handel, add gospel, classic R&B, and what have you got? Just the most versatile performers in show business today: Victor Trent Cook, Rod Dixon and Thomas Young, formerly of Three Mo’ Tenors and now stars of their second special for public television.

Recorded live in performance at New York University’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, Cook, Dixon & Young in Concert premieres this August. The evening of grand opera, spirituals, show tunes, and soul is conducted by the esteemed Paul Gemignani (Pacific Overtures, Crazy for You), who leads the 27-piece American Theater Orchestra.

“Performers do not come more versatile than Cook, Dixon and Young,” says David Horn, series producer for GREAT PERFORMANCES and director of the telecast. “They nail all the high C’s, bend notes and scat, offer soul-stirring gospel and spirituals. These guys do it all, and with uncommon grace and pure, old-fashioned showmanship.”

Indeed, while each tenor has enjoyed a distinguished career on his own – Cook received a Tony Award nomination for Smokey Joe’s Cafe’ Dixon has performed several roles with the Lyric Opera of Chicago and in Broadway’s Ragtime, and Young has appeared as a soloist in major concert halls around the world, while also creating operatic roles for such contemporary composers as John Adams and Anthony Davis – together they soar.
The trio first appeared on GREAT PERFORMANCES as the surprise hit of My Favorite Broadway: The Love Songs (March 2001), then returned in August 2001 for Three Mo’ Tenors in Concert, recorded live at New York’s famed Hammerstein Ballroom. Since that time they have toured coast to coast, winning praise wherever they have played. (“A runaway phenomenon,” The Cincinnati Enquirer; “Vastly entertaining,” The Chicago Tribune; “They have the talent to sing anything, and sing it well,” The Chicago Daily Herald).

Cook, Dixon & Young in Concert is directed for the stage and choreographed by George Faison (The Wiz, Dance in America’s A Hymn for Alvin Ailey) and directed for television by David Horn (Josh Groban Live at The Greek, Hayley Westenra: Live From New Zealand). A production of Two Hands Entertainment in association with the RCA Victor Group, the telecast is produced by Allen Newman (Three Mo’ Tenors in Concert, My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies), with Jeff Rowland (Three Mo’ Tenors in Concert, Hayley Westenra in New Zealand) as executive producer.

Among the program’s many highlights are Thomas Young’s rafter-shaking performance of Verdi’s “Celeste Aida,” Rod Dixon’s silky, jazz-infused “Fly Me to the Moon,” plus Victor Trent Cook’s spot-on Aretha Franklin. Also look for Dixon and Cook’s dramatic melding of Les Miserables’ “Bring Him Home” and The Wiz’s “Home,” and the thrilling gospel finale, “I Need You to Survive.”

While some singers proclaim popular music as frivolous, others often dismiss classical music as pretentious and boring. Not so, says tenor Dixon. “The music isn’t boring,” he told The Chicago Daily Herald, “the artist is. The artist has to make it exciting.”

No problem at all with Cook, Dixon & Young on hand.

AUGUST 2, 2005 – Arista will release COOK DIXON & YOUNG VOLUME 1

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21 Responses to “Great Performances – Cook, Dixon & Young in Concert”

  1. AJ says:

    To quote Queen Victoria, “We are not amused!” I have already fired off a couple of e-mails to the folks listed in the article asking that Great Performances reschedule our guys ASAP. No response, so far, but if they hear from enough of us, we should be able to learn something. “MAKE them HEAR you!”

  2. M.G. says:

    BRING THEM ON!!!!!! The public cannot wait. Denver, CO awaits the PBS broadcast! BRING THEM ON!!!!!!

  3. AJ says:

    Has anyone heard ANYTHING about what on earth is going on, yet??? There has still not been any response to my emails to Great Performances and the rest……Barnes & Noble has even pulled the advance purchase option from their site.

  4. Johnny B says:

    Been waiting on what feels like an eternity! please keep me informed on the next concert whereabouts of C D & Y.

  5. Pandora says:

    try or
    CD&Y are in the top 20 bestselling preorders!

  6. AJ says:

    I am giving out a cautious HOORAY!! Had an email from Great Performances today…CD&Y are scheduled for the August fund raising on PBS! HOW GREAT IS THAT!!!
    Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that we are not disappointed again.

  7. AJ says:

    PS…the CD will be available for pre-order from Barnes and Noble on Aug 2.

  8. Pandora says:

    cautious yes but true! August is the month – a LONG wait for everyone, including CD&Y; talk about dedication and belief!! FYI – their website is beginning to appear:

  9. SHuz says:

    also available from
    it’s releasing on August 1st so they will be available August 2nd online!

  10. Pandora says:

    Looks good! Press releases are online and Amazon is selling like MAD! Birdland Jazz website has a playlist for the CD and the DVD (releasing in September) will have additional footage and songs; you are gonna LOVE it! You thought the first one was amazing – JUST WAIT til you hear/see THIS one!

  11. Pandora says:

    the cd releases TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s gonna be wonderful and definitely worth the wait. You might want to check out an article “from broadway to vegas”- google search it with cook dixon & young and read a bit about this legal battle. I am sure over the next few months much will be told and the truth will come out.
    In the meantime- ENJOY THE LISTENING!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. A.J. says:

    Great Performances with C, D & Y will be airing in the north TX area on Aug 8 on PBS.

  13. Shuz says:

    do you LOVE the CD?!!!! Post your comments! they are back and better than ever! WOW!!!!!!!!!! It’s selling like mad on FYI

  14. AJ says:

    UNBELIEVABLE…their voices are better than ever, singularly and together…who would have thought it was possible to get any better?? If you haven’t bought a copy of Volume 1 you are SO missing something wonderful.

  15. AJ says:

    Great Performances was presented on PBS in my part of the world tonight. What can I say? The format is similar to the first show, but, somehow, this was more sophisticated. There is more energy (bet you didn’t think that was possible, did you?). The lighting was subtle and really helped set the mood of the music. Great choreography. Great joy. I hope you have the opportunity to catch this soon…and, be sure to pledge to PBS….we want Great Performances to bring these extremely talented gentlemen back AGAIN!

  16. godzgrl says:

    They will be in Atlanta, GA October 20 at the Fox Theatre

  17. Shuz says:

    their website only has a link to CD Enterprises for email! Email this link and ask them to PLEEEEEEEZ put more info on that website so we know about upcoming performances and all that!

  18. Brenda says:

    I saw the PBS Great Performance last night and my fiance and I were completely blown away. I will be buying everything they do from now on. God have blessed these brothers with the voices of angels. I sang along, I cried and I prayed.
    They have a new fan!

  19. kibiz P says:

    You go CD&Y great performance on KERA TV.

  20. Gerri Caster says:

    when and where is the next LIVE concert of this treo ORIGINAL performers? Thomas Young, Roderick Dixion and Victor Trent?

  21. Webmaster says:

    Please go to their new website … for news and information.

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