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New Orleans Jazz Vipers, originally uploaded by in2jazz. Above, singer Sophie Lee of the New Orleans Jazz Vipers brings her New Orleans flair to “Me, Myself, and I.”

I am just back from the Monterey Jazz Festival this past weekend. I got to see, hear and buy lots of great music. My quick list includes Sonny Rollins, Clairdee, Mavis Staples, Patrice Rushen, Andy Bey, John Handy, Valerie Joi Fiddmont & TruJoi, Pat Metheny, David Sanchez, Claudia Acuna, Christian McBride, Ron Blake, Natasha Miller, and Bobby Sharp. I will tell you more about my musical adventures soon. I also got to see the New Orleans Jazz Vipers, a band that embodies the New Orleans jazz sound. They played the Garden Stage on Saturday afternoon and on the festival grounds throughout the weekend bringing attention to the great music of New Orleans and raising funds for the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund.

renew orleans

On Saturday afternoon, the great folks at the Tower Records booth were wearing the renew orleans t-shirt. Of course, I wanted one too and found out how to order the shirt.
From the renew orleans website:

renew orleans is a simple concept for a complicated – solidarity. a commitment to hope and a public affirmation of the past, present and future of new orleans. buy a t-shirt and contribute directly to the new orleans musicians hurricane relief fund. wear the shirt and personally broadcast a statement – new orleans will be rebuilt and faith will be restored. there can’t be any future for New Orleans without music, and we hope this one small step towards bring it back. renew orleans. now.

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  1. jazztheo says:

    New Orleans is Jazz…Jazz is New Orleans.
    here’s to renewal.

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