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WOW! Another amazing year of music. The time seems to move so fast. I have a notebook full of reviews to write, stacks of music to play, more concerts to attend for the rest of the year, and lots more photos to share. It is still an amazing journey and there is so much more to learn about jazz and other good music. I am not going to be long winded this year for I will share my adventures in detail over the next few months. There are too many people to thank so I thank everyone who has made my life musically richer this past year. Hmmm…this is starting to sound like award acceptance speech..he he! Okay, enough of my babbling.
Thanks to my family for being loving and supportive and thank God for another year!
Happy Birthday Gee!
Stay tuned for we are going to have some fun!

3 Responses to “j-notes.com: three years later”

  1. ej says:

    Happy Anniversary, James!
    You know I’m waiting to see when you’re going to actually get to those reviews, now. I’m putting on my glasses, and you know I never wear them out in public unless it’s necessary.

  2. DownBeatSpecialist says:

    Happy Birthday J-notes.com …from JAPAN.
    More music reviews and Internet radio…Always stay focus ..
    Keep up the great work.
    K (downbeatspecialist) lol

  3. js says:

    Wow! Has it really been three years already?

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