My iPod revolution has begun…

My new iPod
The iPod revolution has begun.

Above is my Christmas present to myself. It is the iPod Video 60 GB. I have loaded about 10 GB of music, videos, and photos on there so far. Now this was not an easy decision to get an iPod because I am big fan of the minidisc recorder/player. I even bought a Sony MZ-NH1 HI-MD recorder/player when I was in Japan earlier this year. Not to worry, I believe that both technologies can live harmoniously in the same household. I am enjoying the portability of the iPod. It is pretty amazing to carry that much data on such a small device. I have even managed to setup my future radio blogs as playlists in my iPod so I can take them out for a spin before I create them for the listening public. I still have a lot to learn about this new toy. I had to take my iPod into an Apple store last week because I could not figure out how to reset it but it’s all good now. By the time I become really savvy with this toy, a new generation of iPods will be out. All that being said, if any of you iPod savvy folks have tips and pointers to share so I can make the most of my iPod, please leave me a comment.

Bakari, Ronn, and Dre…you can stop all that cheering.

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  1. Tubba says:

    that sound you hear? not cheering, it’s the rumble of my eyes done. rolling. very. hard. ha! i’d *knew* you crack! LOL

  2. The Rodman says:

    Oh my,
    cassettes, narrow ties, bold colors Micheal(orginal and first nose) Jackson and dare I say it (yes I dare) The Jeri Curl.
    A World of Curls…
    If I didnt have a grease stain on my collar…that meant my hair wasn’t curly enough.
    Having been fired from Homestead Savings on Market Street, I thought, I would get a quick job at Rainbow Records on Market Street across from the Emporium.
    There I could borrow these greats and put them of tape.
    So, me and Izora, Chaka, Patrice and Minnie could sing together in my ex-wifes ’78 Chevette 4 speed with four speakers- havent you heard her taken away my space and doin stuff like that in Adventures in Paradise.
    You can bring back the “80’s but leave the grease.

  3. sandra says:

    i’m jealous! sleek, black, sexy!

  4. Bakari says:

    I just read this post. See, now you’re rockin’. Congrad, James. I’m jealous too that you got the video iPod, but I’m still happy with the one I got, even though it’s only about 4gigs of space left. In a few years you’ll be able to auction off your iPod with all your well selected music in it—for at least a couple of thouseand bucks. 🙂

  5. MrMyke says:

    I AGREE! The New iPod rocks! I got the 30GB video iPod this X-mas as well. Now what to do with my Sony NetMD Mini Disk! I loved it for years! Don’t get me wrong! I have almost ALL my favorites loaded on one very compact player. I do miss the HUGE power loss! My Sony would yeild me over 50 hours on a single AA-battery! Unlike the 14-hour charge the iPod gets! Go Figure!
    Any luck getting videos loaded? Use Videora iPod Converter.

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