Singer Angela Bofill Suffers Stroke – Out of Intensive Care

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Hi everyone:

Trust all is well with each of you. We got word this past weekend that ur good friend and much-loved soul music artist ANGELA BOFILL suffered a stroke on January 10. She is coherent, but paralyzed on her left side and will require speech and physical therapy. She was released from intensive care January 15 and remains in Sutter Hospital in Santa Rosa, California.

Her agent, Rich Engel is organizing a benefit concert in conjunction with New York radio stations KISS-FM and CD 101.9 to be held March 11 at Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood, New Jersey and is looking into the possibility of doing similar events in Detroit and Los Angeles.

He is also seeking words of encouragement for Angela and donations can be sent for Angela’s medical care to her along with communications from fans and friends to Live At Night, P.O. Box 1140, Maplewood, NJ 07040. If you wish to make a donation, please make it out to “Angela Bofill.” Meanwhile, everyone at sends prayers and love to this great artist for her speedy recovery and return to full health.

UPDATE: Please click here for updates on Angie’s condition.

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  1. Berry says:

    I’d just heard about this yesterday on EJ’s site…I had no idea. Hope she recovers quickly. She is a great talent

  2. Hopluv says:

    I’m a little late hearing about this sad news! I hope she recovers quickly.

  3. ralphe dunwell says:

    sorry to here this sad news but i am sure with god’s help and everyone’s prayers
    she will soon get well
    all my love ralphe

  4. Roy Lopez says:

    Since I first met her at the Cheetah in NYC, I have always thought highly of her. Knowing where she came from, and what she has gone through in her life, my only wish is that god continues to allow her to grace our lives. May she continue to want to grace us with her gifts, and make our world a better place by her active presense.
    Speedy recovery, and much love,
    Roy Lopez

  5. Joey says:

    Hmm. A week ago my mom was taken to the ER for tingliness/sort-of numbness on her left side. No sign of stroke, but possibly a TIA. It mostly went away in a day, but came back a day later, and has remained. Dr visit last Friday; next steps: neurologist and more tests. Sigh.

  6. Tony Jho says:

    So sorry to hear that. I sure do hope she recovers soon. She has always been and always will such a great part of our lives.

  7. Kevin LaMarr says:

    The day Angie began singing with a choir that I was also a member of (The Dance Theatre of Harlem), there was something about her. In the night a guardian of love name “Bofill” sings like an Angel. She will soar again, for her wings are bright. My Prayers and Blessings are truly with you always, it’s been a long time since the Bronx, but only seem like yesterday. Your Spirit takes me Under The Moon And Over The Skies . . . .
    I Love You

  8. chris says:

    hey angie your in my thought and prayer get better so we can walk the hood in G.E. you are a black angel love you your birthday sister chrisxoxox

  9. Jeanette Ortiz says:

    Dearest woman,
    I 1st saw you in Oakland with my son Anthony. We loved your show and you, since then we have seen you every time your in town and always talk about you on the way home say things like you feel like “family” to us and wouldn’t she fit in at one of our dinners! I am so very sorry to hear that you had a stroke! I live in Santa Rosa CA and do care giving from time to time, I know $ must be tight now so if you have any needs I would volunteer with love and dignity to you and yours. Of course with no pay. You feel like family to us Angela our thoughts and prayers reach out to you. God bless all of you.

  10. rosie mays says:

    so many of our legends are experiencing health problems. but it will be okay, because god is watching over all of us.
    angela, be strong & willful, never give up on anything. we are all praying for you. by the way, i found out about this is the jet magazine

  11. Ramon Heard says:

    It’s a shame that as popular and gifted and intelligent as Ms Bofill is, she failed to secure her future financially. I am a financial planner and I see this everyday. If there is any message I can send to Ms Bofill is to first get well and seek out a good financial planner. Right now she can’t get life insurance or disability or long term care because its too late. Do your estate planning. I think this can carry a long way rather than just another well wisher.

  12. Joe from Chicago says:

    I just found out about my beloved Angela suffering a stroke and being paralyzed. I am heartbroken. I have loved Angie since the very first time I heard “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter” when it was first released. I was driving in my car and had to go to the nearest record store to pick up her debut CD. I’ve been a huge fan since, and have everything she’s recorded, whether that be her own albums or guest appearances on others’ albums. I have seen her in concert numerous times, and was even honored to be able to hand her a rose after one concert here in Chicago. I simply adore her, and her voice and musical gifts are one of a kind in my opinion.
    May I suggest that benefits be held in other cities, including Chicago. I would be there, along with many friends, in a heartbeat.
    Thank you for posting the information about Angie. I hope you will keep us updated on her condition, and I pray she will have a full recovery.
    God bless you, Angie. I love you so very much.

  13. Pete Bellotti says:

    dearest angie….your age,ive listened and listened since the early 70s…last time i saw you at jand r festival,nyc….you wore that furry white outfit and hat and sang like angie of long ago….was still yelling up at u front front row like a kid… WILL SING AGAIN…theres TOO MUCH LOVE FROM YOUR FANS HERE!!!KEEP PUSHING>>YOUR A FIGHTER!!!!…many prayers and love to you for a speedy recovery!!

  14. frank bonilla says:

    I too, as all of you, am a big Angie fan. Being that I am just hearing of this today(3/5/06), I am trying to type with tears in my eyes, wondering why the media can talk about Britney Spears and the like, but ignore coverage on a woman who has literally shaped my life. Angela, if you ever read this message, please know how much you mean to me.If anyone out there can give me an update on this situation, please contact a fellow fan ASAP.Thanks.

  15. Ed Elizalde Jr. says:

    Remember me? I toured with you, when you were probably on the worst tours of your career, with a Reggae band that shall remain nameless. For some reason you came into my thoughts and I haven’t seen you since the mid eighties. I did a search and I found out what happened. I wish you a good recovery and know that you will be in my prayers. I miss your beautiful voice.

  16. Debbie says:

    Hi Angie,
    Have faith! God will carry you through this trying time. Your are a beautiful person with a wonderful voice from the “Boggie Down Bronx.” Your first album gave me inspiration and an appreciation for Jazz. I saw you perform on a dinner cruise in Manhattan,and your candid stories about your life, the quality of your voice increased my love and respect for you. I hope you have a speedy recovery and “Believe in God.”

  17. cedric rose says:

    dear angie:
    Get well soon on behalf of the old gang david darron/ rosetta/cedric and all the rest ,we love you and know you will come back to us bigger better with the love of God.

  18. James says:

    UPDATE: Please click here for updates on Angie’s condition.

  19. Laverne Switzer says:

    Our hearts go out to Angela Bofill. She is one of my favorites.

  20. Maurice D Taylor says:

    Dear Angela:
    We love you so much dear heart. You are in our prayers. We love your music!!!

  21. Bryan Lopez says:

    I’m a long time fan of Angela Bofill sence 1974.I love her music.I wish her a speedy recovery and I look foreward to see her in concert soon.

  22. Brenda Gardner says:

    Keep the faith!!! God is in control

  23. Angela Billups says:

    Dear Angela,
    I’m praying for you and hoping that you get well soon. Coming up as a little girl, I have always loved hearing your voice. You are one of a kind. Take care of yourself and just trust in Him. He will get you through this for sure. I love you and stay strong.
    Angela Billups

  24. anthony bibb says:

    Dear Angela,
    When I left my country(England), it was because I fell in love with a Mexican mature(19 year’s old/young). I sold my house, resigned from my well paid job as an IT ‘computer designer/analyst/programmer, and followed my heartful emotion’s. When I got to Mexico to live and make a new life with her, her parent’s would’nt let her marry me. So I felt a bit lost, but when I visited ‘Sanbournes’ store your album “intuition” was playing, and this helped mend my broken heart. I purchased your album and treasured it, but then made the mistake of lending it to someone and they managed to lose it and I’m in despair. Could you help me and tell me how I can buy it again.

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