Mellow Madness

James likes Quincy Jones, originally uploaded by allaboutgeorge.

My friend George “allaboutgeorge” Kelly took this photo of me hanging out at Mama Buzz Café in Oakland on Saturday. It was great weather and sunny skies. Notice how my hand and Quincy’s hands are positioned. It almost looks like one in the same.
Mama Buzz Café was also hosting the Downtown Oakland Record Show. They had tons of great vinyl there. I browsed and bought a few albums. However, I was a little disappointed because the vinyl was a little pricey. I picked up 4 albums and the record seller told me my total was $40 so I put 2 albums back and my new total was $22. I bought Quincy Jones’ Mellow Madness and McCoy Tyner’s Atlantis. I was sitting with George and checking out my records when I noticed that McCoy’s album was actually a two-record set and I only had one record. I took it back and the seller could not readily find the other album for the set. He told me I could pick another album. I chose an Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis album which featured Shirley Scott on organ. I cannot remember whether or not it was marked with a price but he was charging $30 for it so I put it back. I needed to find an album that was $12 or less. I chose a Richard Pryor album that was $10 and did not ask for my $2 back. I figured I am grown up enough to listen to his albums again after sneaking in the basement to listen my dad’s albums as a child.
If I ever go back to this record show again, I will be very cautious.

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  1. ej says:

    Richard Pryor album? Wow. At least you had a great time.

  2. G says:

    Wow,Great symmetry indeed. Glad u had a good day.. we need sun this way…

  3. Ronald says:

    James, looking at the photo took me back. I remember that LP. I will have to go through my stuff to see if I can find it. Okay, as a sidebar comment….Quincy looked good to me on that album.

  4. New Yorker says:

    Always inspect, ask questions and most important beware. All may have good intentions, but stuff happens and you do not want to be the one it happens to.
    Where can I find those recent festival shots you were talking about recently?
    Life Coach

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