Chaka Khan – Papillon (aka Hot Butterfly)


It is a nice fall day and you are driving in your car or on the train heading home. Your favorite groove is on the radio or in your headphones and you are singing your heart out (especially if you are in the car with the windows up.) In my case, I was grooving to Chaka Khan singing “Papillon (aka Hot Butterfly.”) You know how we do it, making up are our own lyrics as we go. For everyone who has butchered the lyrics on this song as badly as I have, here are the actual lyrics so we can all sing in harmony together.
Papillon (aka Hot Butterfly) Lyrics
A faded photograph I mailed to you
With feelings I don’t want to face
And a long song of surrender in blue
I remember when you took my breath away
Chanson papillon, we were very young
Like butterflies, like hot butterfly
Chanson papillon, we had just begun
We let it slide on by
We didn’t realize
All our memories are burning in time
Like a bittersweet perfume
Can you tell me how a love that’s so fine
Could have climaxed in a single afternoon
Gone are the days of instant romance
And the nights of slow goodbyes
That was a time of life when foxy was the dance
But then you got wise to all my lies
Chanson papillon, chanson
Chanson papillon, chanson
Chanson papillon, chanson
Chanson papillon, chanson
Now is that what you have been singing all this time? Enjoy your music!
Photo credit: James Knox

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  1. Dennis Doctor says:

    I really Love Her voice and This is of my favorite songs. Thanks you the great voice.

  2. M says:

    This is my all time song ever. I just love Chaka!

  3. charles pereira buonafina says:


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