My First TV Interview…

Back in October, I was interviewed by Joe Hawkins, club promoter and media mogul, at the National Black Justice Coalition reception at the Bates House in Oakland. We talked about and jazz. Big thanks to Joe and Keeping It Real TV.

8 Responses to “My First TV Interview…”

  1. Joey says:

    Video blog star!

  2. G says:

    Awesome clip, sir! May we look forward to more (extended) J-Notes TV?Hmmm… 🙂

  3. Rod says:

    Not only did you look GREAT
    you represented.
    Your passion for the music shined brightly.
    J-Notes is Jazz.
    We are all very proud of you
    with big time 916 luv-Rod

  4. Terri Riley says:

    You were simply wonderful. I can tell when you talk about the music you really love it. I especially love that you pay homage to your Chicago roots. Keep doing what you do…you’re great at it. Have a wonderful holiday season. Your Chicago Sister…Theresa

  5. Brian Ho says:

    Hi James the video star!! =) Glad to hear you’re still “getting your voice” and now your “face” out there too! =) BTW, the new Cyrus Chestnut cd is great! I love the guitarist Russell Malone and I’ve been listening to him a lot. Talk to you soon!

  6. Bernie says:

    I guess you were too modest to acknowledge that not only are you everywhere, but all the jazz headliners know YOU!

  7. MrMike says:

    This interview was great! I love the concept! Thanks 4 sharing! I’ll continue to share your blog with my Philly Jazz Heads!
    Many Thanks!

  8. David Betts says:

    Hi, James. Saw the interview on Great interview. Keep on representing!

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