Terrence Brewer Group @ Yoshi’s on March 20

Terrence Brewer Group @ Yoshi's

I first heard about guitarist Terrence Brewer last summer during a conversation I was having with drummer Glen Iwaoka. The first time I heard Terrence for myself I was totally impressed and bought his music on the spot. You can hear and see that he loves the music he plays. He and his band are a tightly woven and cohesive. Terrence is definitely one of the hardest working musicians in the Bay Area. I have since had the pleasure of hearing Terrence play throughout the Bay Area and am very excited that he will be making his first apprearance at Yoshi’s on March 20. Terrence will feature music from his latest recordings, The Calling Volume One and The Calling Volume Two, along with new compositions and other favorites.
See you there!
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  1. Araxi says:

    Terrence is a great guitarist as well as a teacher! I’m one of his students and saw his Yoshi’s show…which was fantastic!! Terrence really is a wonder!

  2. FYI, I heard he is playing at Mezze restaurant on Lakeshore Ave. on Sunday nights.

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