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The year started off with the loss of my mom, Elizabeth, to lung cancer. Not a day goes by that I do not think about her in some way. Love and miss you Mom!

The photo above was taken with Nancy Wilson and Clairdee at the 51st Annual Monterey Jazz Festival. It was definitely a special moment for me. Thanks Ken for taking this photo. Speaking of Clairdee, I took a vocal worksop with her at The Jazzschool in Berkeley. It was a great workshop and I even got to sing. I sent Clairdee a note of thanks and she has featured it in the Mailbag section of her website, www.clairdee.com.

The cameras has been busy as well. My second photography exhibit, Capturing The Moment: Jazz and Photography ran for 5 months at The Jazzschool in Berkeley. I also did an artist discussion for the exhibit with Cedric Brown. We had a lot of fun. Big thanks to Susan Muscarella. I also donated one of the large photos from the exhibit to The Jazzschool which is on display in their books and records store. I am hoping to do a brand new exhibit in 2009.

I have shot a lot of great concerts and festivals this year. I had the pleasure of shooting for The Jazzschool and the SFJAZZ Spring Season. The wonderful thing about a digital camera is that you can shoot as much as your card will hold. The downside is that you have 15 images of the same thing and have to decide which is the best image then do a little post processing for fine tuning. It is fun work but time consuming but I love it. I will post more photos from my adventures as I have a chance to edit them. I am also working on my own photography website. I have the domain but have not built the site yet. Stay tuned!

Thank you everyone for your love and support and enjoy your music!!!

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