Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most – James Knox


Per Wikipedia, “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most” (1955) is a popular song with lyrics by Fran Landesman, set to music by Tommy Wolf. The title is a jazz rendition of the opening line of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, “April is the cruelest month”. I first heard Patti Austin sing this wonderful song on The Real Me album in 1988 and instantly fell in love with it. I have since heard delightful renditions from Ella, Sarah, Betty and Carmen (McRae and Lundy.)

I selected this song as my solo tune for Faye Carol’s School of the Getdown for May 2016. This really needs to be visual so you can see me tossing my phone across the room when I no longer needed it for the words.

You can learn more about the School of the Getdown, here. Classes will be starting on Wednesday, July 6 and held for the following three Wednesdays.

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